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Asheville Catholic School

Asheville Catholic School

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Asheville Catholic School Is An Inter-Parochial Elementary And Middle School That Is Supported By Five Catholic Parishes Of The Buncombe County. It Is One Of The 15 Elementary Schools IN The Diocese Of Charlotte, N.C. The School Serves Students IN Prekindergarten Through Eighth Grade. Asheville Catholic School Integrates Roman Catholic Tradition And Principles IN A Comprehensive Instructional Program. It Offers A Variety Of Subjects, Such As English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts And Music. Additionally, Asheville Catholic School Operates A Foreign Language Department That Conducts Classes IN Various Foreign Languages. IN Addition, The School Offers Counseling Services To Students. It Offers Computer Courses For Students IN Grades Six Through Eight. Asheville Catholic School Is Located IN Asheville, N.C.


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12 Culvern Street, Asheville, NC, USA
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