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Sweet River Agency

Sweet River Agency

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Specializing in Creative Uses of Life InsurancenI am Independent Licensed Insurance Broker who works for you rather than any particular company. I am contracted with the top carriers, so I can shop around and find the best rates and options based on your needs, budget, age, and health. I will engage with you to learn about your needs and listen carefully to your answers. nLife Insurance or Annuities offer protection for both human and financial capital and can also be a secure addition to your retirement portfolio. Are you worried about market losses impacting your retirement funds? Adding a secure component to your portfolio will help you rest easy no matter what is going on in the market. nYou may be able to roll over an old retirement plan or savings to leverage the guaranteed growth and protection from market loss. nSmall business owners may set up personal retirement plans with a significant tax deduction for the business. Business Owners can also leverage tax deductions on Life Insurance for Key Employees or Buy-Sell Agreements for partnerships. nIndividuals can also set up their own pension plans utilizing Annuities with Guaranteed Income for Life Riders. Certain insurance plans offer individuals tax-free income during retirement while others allow you to be your own bank, by utilizing loans from the insurance company with the death benefit as collateral. It's like an equity line on the insurance policy. nThe plans must be properly structured and customized to suit the individual or business needs. Finding the right solution is like a fun puzzle to me. We work together to find the plan and budget that works best for you. You gain a financial vehicle for savings, protection, and growth with these specialty cash value plans. nLet's schedule a quick 15 minute analysis to see how Life Insurance or Annuities can be a part of your Financial Foundation and your Financial Diversity.


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