Breath Medicine: Breathwork at The Restoration AVL

Restore yourself! Join The Breath Nurse for a full body reset that will leave you feeling lighter, more alive, motivated and energized (+ likely blissed out!) through the medicine of your breath in this monthly community breathwork event held in The Solarium of The Restoration Hotel Asheville 🌿

Enhance your well-being and tap into your true nature for self-care, personal growth and development, healing, transformation, and activation of yourself and your life for greater happiness and health over time!

You’ll get out of your head as you reconnect with yourself and your body to breathe out stress, anxiety, overwhelm, self-criticism and whatever else might be weighing you down (ie: low mood, anger, disappointment, shame, stuckness) to make room for more peace, calm, clarity, and joy within.

All genders are welcome! Must be 18+. Preregistration required.


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