Die Walkure (“The Valkyrie”)

In a plot worthy of “Game of Thrones,” Die Walkure (The Valkyrie) opens with twins separated at birth who are illegitimate children of the god Wotan and fall madly in love at first sight! Their love infuriates Wotan’s powerful wife, so he is compelled to send his warrior daughter, the Valkyrie Brunnhilde, to ensure that someone dies. These characters, so filled with love and conflict, reveal that the mythical world is not so different from our own. This magnificently staged opera features some of the greatest and most familiar of all classical music including the thundering “Ride of the Valkyries” and features today’s greatest Wagnerian singers on our stage.

Greer Grimsley whose “commanding presence and sonorous voice” (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) reprises the role of Wotan is joined by acclaimed dramatic soprano Christine Goerke who is celebrated around the world as Brunnhilde. Sung in German with English supertitles. The production is 4 hours 25 minutes with two intermissions. A Tomer Zvulun Production.

This production will also be happening live in Atlanta on April 27, April 30, May 3, and May 5th. If you’re interested in learning more about the in-person production
visit: https://www.atlantaopera.org/performance/die-walkure-2024/

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