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Asheville Digestive Health - Plexus Ambassador Karen Sargent

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Asheville Plexus Ambassador Karen Sargent is on a mission to help people with high-qualty supplements for optimal nutrition, gut health, proper digestion, and more youthful skin. A healthy gut can lead to a more healthy body overall. Plexus focuses on balancing the body on the inside by targeting the root causes of health issues, not the symptoms.


What would you do to have more natural energy, sleep better, and stop craving sweets? Would you like to say goodbye to heartburn, constipation, and chronic discomfort? How about getting sick less and actually craving healthy foods? Do you need help with menopause symptoms—moodiness, brain fog, and hot flashes?

Karen got all this and more by balancing her body from the inside with clean, quality supplements that target blood sugar stability, inflammation, and gut health.

Modern “health care” only tried to relieve her symptoms; it didn’t address why she had the symptoms in the first place. When she got to the root of her health issues, she got long-term relief!



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Location: Asheville, NC 28801

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AMAZING products!

Plexus products are one of a kind! They have helped me with more energy for my busy life with 4 kids, helped me realize the importance of gut health, and so much more! I love these products!

 submitted this review on Saturday, 22 December 2018 13:26

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