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Christian J. Albers, CPA & Associates

19 Rankin Ave, Suite 121 Asheville, North Carolina
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We're corporate accounting firm, that provide individual & business owner tax preparation, bookkeeping & payroll services in Asheville and surrounding areas in North Carolina

Christian Albers has over 20 years of professional experience in Atlanta and Miami with the largest public accounting firms in the world including PWC, KMPG and Arthur Anderson. During his career with these firms Chris’ client base was composed of diverse industries such as manufacturing, hotels, restaurants, real estate investments, private equity funds and closely held businesses of various industries. Chris’ clients included large multi-national entities such as Shaw Industries, Swire Properties, Scientific Atlanta, Metzler Real Estate, Carlyle Group and CBC Capital Funding in addition to smaller locally owned businesses and high net worth individuals. 


Chris is dedicated to providing exceptional client service and everyday comes to work with the idea that an accountant should be people’s most trusted advisor.   He is a former Eagle Scout and is active in the Asheville Business community as a member of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce.


Location: 19 Rankin Ave, Suite 121 Asheville, North Carolina

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