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Radius Chiropractic

1011 Tunnel Rd. Suite 110 Asheville NC 28805
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Radius Chiropractic in Asheville is now open! Chiropractor Dr Dan Martin provides full service Chiropractic care, including X-Rays, education, treatment and more. Experience a new level of health & wellness care using the latest techniques and technology available, from people that care about you and your family. 

There are many reasons to seek out Chiropractic care, from preventative treatment for healthy living, to pain issues, sciatica, illness, allergies, soreness, headaches and many other issues. Dr Dan Martin is a principled chiropractor specializing in Torque Release Technique, known as TRT. This chiropractic technique is the most advanced and researched in use today, and is gentle, precise care for people of any age. 

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Location: 1011 Tunnel Rd. Suite 110 Asheville NC 28805

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Miracle and Science all wrapped into one!

The chiropractic treatment that Dr Dan Martin has been giving our teenage daughter is amazing. Nothing short of a miracle, Dr Dan is helping to reverse severe ideopathic scoliosis with his mastery of the Torque Release Technique. In just the first 6 months, our daughter has seen major improvement in her spinal curvature and overall health! We are very excited for the positive results we are seeing and for what's to come. Totally recommend Radius Chiropractic in Asheville to anyone!
 submitted this review on Saturday, 13 April 2019 14:10

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