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Retro Co with Sue Harris

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NEW FROM RETROCO: Regrow Hair with RetroCo's REGEN Hair Growth LaserREGEN Hair Growth Laser - an ultra-comfortable, FDA-cleared, cordless LED laser cap that easy to use and guaranteed to give you back the hair you were born with.


Retro Co is changing the face of skincare, and in the Asheville / Hendersonville area of Western North Carolina, Sue Harris is excited to show everyone the amazing advances in skin care that are now available to the public. From innovative new products for your skin, to harnessing the power of light in their innovative FDA Cleared Infrared LED Facial Mask, Retro Co is bringing tech to the people that was previously accessible only at a high cost through spas and treatment centers. 


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Location: Fletcher, NC 28732

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Retro Co.

I have tried all the topicals. I LOVE them! Sue is so knowledgeable and helpful in helping me find the right products for my skin.
 submitted this review on Wednesday, 16 January 2019 15:24

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