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  • AskAnnaMarie - Wellness, Weight Loss, Healthy Living

    Hi, my name is Annamarie Jakubielski.

    I help people in the Asheville and Hendersonville area with Wellness, Weight Loss, and Healthy Living.

    Here is my story, and why I may be able to help you too.


    I was a stay at home mom, homeschooling our four young children, eating with no real idea of how it was affecting us. I wasn’t paying close enough attention except to say that I thought we were doing better than we actually were.

    My personal weight

  • Mark W. Neville MDiv Counseling

    Mark Neville - Counseling in Hendersonville and Asheville, NC. Mark is a Life Therapist, Author, Educator with over 30 years of training, education (Masters degree) and experience with both live in-person and online counseling. Mark helps people grieving a loved one's death, those dealing with the stress of care-giving for loved ones with dementia or other chronic disease, couples struggling with relationships and marriages, folks experiencing stress in their careers, and helps those who

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  • Mosaic Business Consulting

    Mosaic Business Consulting, LLC is a coaching and business consulting firm that specializes in advancing women in business. We help women and businesses solve their most complex leadership, strategic, operational and cultural challenges. We do this through Executive, Management, Leadership, and C-Suite Coaching, Organizational Development, Team and Career Coaching. Our individualized approach and blended service options make us perfect for new, established and growing companies.
  • Sacred Stylist

    Certified Image Consultant and Personal Fashion Stylist