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  • Asheville Digestive Health - Plexus Ambassador Karen Sargent

    Asheville Plexus Ambassador Karen Sargent is on a mission to help people with high-qualty supplements for optimal nutrition, gut health, proper digestion, and more youthful skin. A healthy gut can lead to a more healthy body overall. Plexus focuses on balancing the body on the inside by targeting the root causes of health issues, not the symptoms.


    What would you do to have more natural energy, sleep better, and stop craving sweets? Would you like to say goodbye to

  • AskAnnaMarie - Wellness, Weight Loss, Healthy Living

    Hi, my name is Annamarie Jakubielski.

    I help people in the Asheville and Hendersonville area with Wellness, Weight Loss, and Healthy Living.

    Here is my story, and why I may be able to help you too.


    I was a stay at home mom, homeschooling our four young children, eating with no real idea of how it was affecting us. I wasn’t paying close enough attention except to say that I thought we were doing better than we actually were.

    My personal weight

  • PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition

    PHD: PERFORMANCE HEALTH DIET is a scientifically based weight loss approach providing a customized approach to efficient and successful long-term weight loss. Founded upon evidence-based principles, a commitment to excellence and a premier reputation
  • Recipe for Serenity

    Release Stress and Anxiety