Benefit at The Odd

Benefit for John Fulton at The Odd

Sunday April 7 at The Odd
Benefit show for John Fulton aka OG Odd Bartender and Favorite Human!
Come show your support for John, who’s been battling medical issues.
Noon – Destroy All Music DJ Set from Jim Rosario
8 PM – Punk/Metal Show featuring:
Johns GoFundMe link:
From John’s GoFundMe:
“Hello everyone!
My name is Watson and I am setting up a GoFundMe for my dear friend Jonny.
While on a typical visit to his favorite place on earth, Jamaica, Jonny got a small cut on his left ankle while riding his motorcycle through a shallow river crossing. That wound become so severely infected that it spread throughout his body rapidly, nearly costing him his life, and may still cost him his leg. What began as a trip that he’d made so many times in the past, unscathed, left Jonny and his wife in the most dyer situation one could fathom… Life or Death!
Jonny was rushed to an E.R. in Jamaica and subsequently transferred to their version of an ICU in critical condition. Jonny’s initial doctors recognized the severity of his situation and recommended that he be immediately medevac’d from the tiny island nation… but the final doctor made the decision (after realizing Jonny could pay “on-demand”) for his medical care with a credit card, that he would STAY in Jamaica for treatment, which almost cost him his life, and subsequently drained his family’s life savings, maxed out every credit card they own, and hit him with thousands extra in interest due every single month!
To top things off, while in Jamaica, a winter storm ruined their green house beyond repair, got cold enough to ruin their early crops and subsequently melted the wiring in their home while trying to save their seedlings. Not only has Jonny lost all the money in the world, being charged more than they bring in, but has now accrued several thousand more in damage that prevents him from his normal income…
This amazing little family of dogs, cats and more plant babies than you can fathom needs our help now! Their credit cards are maxed, their savings accounts are dry, Jonny’s ability to work is nil and the bills just keep on stacking up!
What can we ALL do to help keep Jonny, our amazing friend, and pillar in our community, stay afloat?

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