EPIC Women Business Workshop Series – Class 1 Ignite

A series of empowering and educational events designed exclusively for women entrepreneurs and business leaders.
These workshops are dedicated to addressing the various stages and challenges of the business life cycle while focusing on the unique perspectives and experiences of women in the business world.
Created by a team of experts to help female entrepreneurs understand more and gain success faster in the world of business. Each class may be suited best for someone in a specific type of entrepreneur, depending on where they are in the business cycle but thanks to the vast amount of information and ask the expert panel time, everyone has something to gain!
Class One is the Ignite Stage.
Just as a fire goes through different phases from ignition to extinction, a business goes through various stages of growth, maturity, and decline.
Ignition or startup is the moment when the business idea is born, much like the spark that ignites a fire. Many new business owners don’t know what they don’t know until it is too late. Our passionate panel of experts hopes to free women entrepreneurs from that burden while starting out with a firm foundation to light their way to a successful business.
This class is one hour of extremely useful information accompanied with a 30-minute ask-the-expert panel time that should benefit any future or current business owner. In addition, you will gain a wealth of resources to keep building your business fire.


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