Stormblade at Fae Nectar Medieval Tavern and Festival Grounds

Coming soon to Fae Nectar… our next epic fighting festival event…⚡⚔️STORMBLADE⚔️⚡ arrives with thunderous fanfare on April 13th at our Medieval Tavern and Festival Grounds! Hosted by the Warriors Of Ash and Fae Nectar Meadery, our fighting arena will be showcasing the lightning speed of our talented fighters, as they battle throughout the afternoon. And the storm of metal and fury will be accompanied by both blood-pumping Viking battle music and the merry sound of a medieval village upon our festival lawn.
All along our magical riverside lawn, you’ll see Spring blooming around you, blossoms in the air and leaves adorning the hills. But much closer by you’ll find working blacksmiths, artisan vendors selling enchanted garb and hand-crafted goods, armorers and jewelers, and even fortune tellers offering their services. And don’t forget to try your hand at Axe Throwing, or to visit our fan-favorite Hobbit horse, Thistle!
And we still can’t say enough about our newly renovated and reinvented Medieval Tavern! With stunning views of the mountains, and cozy nooks galore in our old-world interior, complete with a lovely menu full of Celtic comfort food, and a beautiful bar stocked with Mead, Cider, Beer, Wine, and more! Join us and let your cares wash away in our enchanted haven.
This event is FREE! And open to all friends, families of all ages, Fae creatures, and friendly dogs on leash. Rain or shine!
Artisan Market – 12 to 6pm
Sword Fighting & Battle Music – 1:30 to 3pm and 4 to 5:30pm
Thistle the Hobbit Horse – 1pm to 5pm
Evening Concert feat. Holler & Crow – 6pm

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