Fairy Hair is for everyone!

Imagine if your hair reflected your inner sparkle?

Fairy Kim Sparkles Fairy HairIt can with Fairy Kim Sparkles’ Magical Fairy Hair. You can still wash, brush, curl, straighten, blow dry, and color your hair with it in. It’s long-lasting, fun and affordable. And Fairy Hair is for everyone with hair! Guys, try it in your beard for extra coolness.

Glitter Lover? Now your hair can Sparkle, too. Fairy Kim Sparkles can make your Fairy Hair subtle so it occasionally catches a ray of sunlight, and she can make you really stand out.

Fairy Kim Sparkles Fairy HairYou can find Fairy Kim Sparkles’ Magical Fairy Hair around WNC and the Upstate. Check her calendar and make an appointment. 10 minutes later, you’ll be a member of Team Sparkles!

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