Leadership Development Training – 5 Enhancing Skills for Effective Leadership

The Human Business is the Main Business of Any Business

Leadership Development Training challenges the comfort zones that leaders often develop, as they sometimes assume (incorrectly) that they are inherently better than others. They may have a developed ego but not a personal development.

In this context, several key categories need to be considered. One of the most crucial parameters is the development of soft skills. The essence of leadership and management is deeply rooted in the Humanity Business. It begins and ends there. 

While hard skills account for about 10% of a leader’s requirements, effective leadership is defined by 90% of soft skills. Personal development, central to Executive Training, is an ongoing process that must remain dynamic and forward-moving. It redefines what constitutes success for the leader and their organization.

What is Leadership Development Training?

Leadership Development Training is my specialty. For over a quarter of a century, I have conducted leadership training courses, management training courses, and employee training development programs worldwide. The primary developmental issue in the corporate world often involves individuals’ ability to connect to positivity and let go of negativity. Sounds simple but this is pivotal as it goes straight  to the character of the leader.

This is primarily expressed in how a leader views and interacts with their team. An empowered leader is respected and appreciated within the organization. Therefore, executive training must focus on human aspects such as communication, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, change management, and decision-making. These skills are at the core of leadership formation training.

Understanding Your Best Through L.D. Training 

A central question in Leadership Development Training is: ‘What Is My Best?’ This query goes to the heart of what leadership and management entail. A good starting point is to question oneself about their best attributes and, conversely, their worst. Recognizing and working on these aspects is crucial for genuine leadership development.

True concern with L. D. Training means accepting that you may never fully know your best. This continuous pursuit means that success is redefined daily. A good leader, akin to flowing water, must keep moving to stay effective. Executive training depends on this forward motion, with stagnation leading to regression. It’s a universal law: one must move forward or backward, positive or negative, but move they must!

5-Step Exercise to Determine What Is My Best

Step 1: Write down what you think your best qualities are. The challenge is to do this from an outsider’s perspective, looking at yourself partially detached.

Step 2: Ask others who know you well to share their views on your best and worst qualities. This daring and creative question will open unexpected doors and reveal blind spots. This demonstrates vulnerability, which is a leadership strength!

Step 3: Decide to make your current best your new baseline. As you develop, your best evolves.

Step 4: Adopt an attitude that there is always more to learn than you think you know. This mindset will resolve many conflicts. Use open ended questions as a tool. 

Step 5: Before pursuing a goal, ask yourself a key strategic question: What is the best, most effective way to achieve what I want? This strategic thinking question reduces assumptions, which are major obstacles to achieving your best.

The Continuous Pursuit of Best in L. D. Training

The essence of Leadership Development Training is understanding that your best is a moving target. Regardless of age or title, your best lies ahead of you. Never make the mistake of thinking your best is behind you. A leadership mindset should embrace the concept of unlimited potential. Always strive for +1 in everything you do: change your attitude, refine your skills, apologize, forgive, and improve. 

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

What is Leadership Development Training at The Thinking Coach?

The Thinking Coach’s Leadership Development Training is designed to show you that your best is better than you think. It guides you on how to reach for it and how to never fully catch it, ensuring continuous growth and improvement. This approach fosters an environment where leaders are constantly evolving, striving for excellence, and maintaining a dynamic approach to their roles.

By understanding and implementing the principles of  this training, leaders can transform their organizations and themselves, ensuring sustained success and a positive, forward-moving trajectory.

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