10 Critical Decision-Making Skills

Do You Know How to Make a Decision?

With all the noise about education for the young and how important it is for their future, how is it that decision-making skills that are needed in everything are almost never taught in schools or universities?

Why is it that such a basic necessity of our everyday life is ignored by most educational institutions?

So here is my question to you: Do You Know How To Make A Decision that takes into account essential decision-making skills?

Do you have basic decision-making skills that guarantee a level of safety and stability that will ensure minimal room for errors?

The answers to these questions are critical to our success as professionals and individuals because so much depends on our ability to decide and make choices that are smart.

This can be emphatically exclaimed: We are the results of the decisions we make… and we make so many, most of which are unconscious.

Our development as decision-makers is to become increasingly conscious of how to make a decision for then we are in control and in the Now.

So you need to ask yourself what is the basis of the majority of your decision-making? Automatic, based on what you’ve done before? Or, conscious, newly considered without bias and with a clear system of evaluation.

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10 Critical Decision-Making Skills


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