A New Perspective on Success

In this article, we’re diving into a different way of thinking about success, exploring the need for a paradigm shift to truly grasp what success is all about.

Understanding Success

So, what exactly is success, and what’s the secret to achieving it? This is the burning question on many people’s minds, whether it pertains to personal or professional goals.

Success often seems like a vague concept, with individuals approaching it in various ways. For most, it’s all too easy to equate success with one thing: money. This mindset is deeply ingrained in our thinking and often stands as a barrier to redefining what success truly means.

Broadening the Notion of Success

Success isn’t just about wealth; it encompasses a plethora of aspects. It’s important to ponder the multifaceted nature of success and what it signifies for each individual. Some success factors may be evident, while others are less conspicuous.

Consider these notions:

  • Success is about acquiring knowledge.
  • Success is having the means to put food on the table.
  • Success is the comfort of a roof over your head.
  • Success is experiencing love and sharing it with someone special.
  • Success is maintaining good health.
  • Success is the ability to walk.
  • Success is triumphing over competition.
  • Success is being happy.
  • Success is tapping into the power of positive thinking.
  • Success is having the resources to see clearly with eyeglasses, and the list goes on. 

Clearly, the concept of success is intricate and far-reaching, demanding deep reflection and an expansive perspective.

Success and Attitude

Your attitude plays a pivotal role in determining your success. When your mindset is on point, success often follows.

What is attitude?

  • Attitude serves as the wellspring of your strength or weakness.
  • It has the power to be either positive or negative.
  • It can be shallow or deep.
  • Attitude shapes your emotions and influences your actions.
  • It reflects how you feel about something.
  • Attitude is deeply rooted, whether overt or concealed.
  • Belief is an integral part of your attitude.
  • Attitude can be transformed.
  • It arises from within you.
  • It serves as a personal motivator.
  • Early life experiences can shape your attitude.
  • Attitude serves as a life compass.
  • It colors your words and actions. 

In essence, attitude is a complex amalgamation of thoughts and emotions. If you maintain an attitude of gratitude, you learn to appreciate and value things, irrespective of their quantity. Your attitude fundamentally defines what success means to you.

The Power of Positive Thinking

The power of positivity wields tremendous influence in shaping your attitude and, consequently, your path to success. It’s a form of success in itself.

Let’s illustrate this with a story/joke:

Imagine two children involved in a study about behavior. One is optimistic and positive, while the other is pessimistic and negative.  Researchers placed the pessimistic child in a store filled with toys, while the optimistic child is left in a place full of horse manure for a few hours.

Upon their return, the pessimistic child in the toy store is found crying, unable to find a specific toy. The optimistic child in the manure-filled area is spotted buried headfirst in the pile, digging away cheerfully when pulled out legs first and asked what he is doing with all this horse manure he yells exuberantly “With all this manure there must be a horse somewhere!”  

Although funny and humorous, it is hard to miss the point when we humans tend to have so much seldom valuing what we have and often complaining about what we don’t. 

This tale emphasizes the contrast between a positive and negative attitude. It’s both amusing and a stark representation of reality.

The truth about success lies in your attitude, in what you consider a victory, regardless of its universality. In essence, success is a personal journey, not limited to a singular, elusive goal.

Success in the Business World

Success in the business arena isn’t different from personal success. Your attitude towards your work and colleagues profoundly impacts your perception of success.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you genuinely content with your job, knowing it provides for your family?
  • If you’re a leader, do you take pleasure in your team’s success?
  • Does the power of positivity shine through in your interactions, or is negativity your shadow? 

Charisma, as an aura of success, draws others toward you. It’s the glow of a positive attitude that people want to bask in.


A Paradigm Shift in Thinking – Success in Progress


Success can be uncovered in every facet of life when the right attitude prevails. It shouldn’t be confined to a single destination where only a few can prevail.

It’s unreasonable to assume that in a world with billions of individuals, there’s room for only a handful of success stories. Such a notion not only defies logic but is an unfortunate reality perpetuated by the narrow-minded focus on money as the sole measure of success.

Let me share a personal story: During my early years teaching tennis, a man brought his dejected 6-year-old nephew for lessons. In front of the child, he callously remarked that the boy was not good enough but should have a lesson anyway. I intervened, and put the man in his place!! And the boy spent 45 minutes on the court.

In that brief span, the child’s smile reappeared, and he stopped putting himself down. The power of positivity transformed his perspective, and he realized he could enjoy tennis. The success was his enjoyment.

In my various roles, success for me is witnessing the blossoming of self-worth and the belief that “I can” in those I engage with. This profound transformation, regardless of the specific skills taught, is what defines success. My goal is to ensure that everyone I work with understands that success is an inclusive, ongoing process, and if they could only see they are successful in so many things they are and do.

Now, it’s your turn!


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