An Amazing Dining Experience in Spruce Pine

While taking care of some business in Spruce Pine, we heard about a new restaurant named Gustoso Ristorante.

It was just after 1:00 on a Saturday afternoon, so we headed over for lunch. We are so glad we did.

Gustoso Ristorante is located at 159A Locust Street in Spruce Pine, an area the locals call Lower Street. There is handicapped access on Sycamore Street, also known as “The Alley”.

Not only was the quality, presentation, and taste of our lunch unexpected for a Spruce Pine restaurant, it would be a delight to find anywhere. Everything is made from scratch, and the quality of the ingredients is of utmost importance to Executive Chef, Mark Riley, and General Manager, Jeanne Sabo. Also of high importance is that their food is both affordable and delicious.

We were pleased and impressed with everything about our dining experience. Gustoso Ristorante is now the main reason we’ll be going to Spruce Pine in the future. Thank you Mark and Jeanne!


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