Asher Leigh: Musician, Teacher, Podcaster, Coach

Asher Leigh loves to give of herself to her community.

She is a folk singer originally from West Virginia, where her musical roots extend back to Jack Rollins, Hazel Dickens, and Kathy Mattea.  You can catch hints of all these genres in her music, but most prominent in her vocal style is alternative folk.  Asher has always loved the simplistic beauty of long, drawn-out melodies combined with harmony, simple arrangements, and friends to sing along with.  She says you can call her old-fashioned, but sittin’ around a campfire or living room with a stack of songs and a few friends who have nothing better to do feels just as good as being at a concert hall with a stage and microphone.  This is where Asher Leigh come from, and she’s happy to share it all with anyone who wants to listen and sing along.

“I call my music soul~inspired because when everything else burns away, I am left with the pureness of who I am.  A song is what comes next…”

Asher Leigh believes being a musician is a birthright.  She says we all have musical abilities within us, since music is an expression of the heart.  Sound is an essential element of who we are as humans, and music is simply an organized group of sounds that remind us of our nature.

For some, music is also a calling that carries a higher purpose.  Asher is one of those people…

When she discovered her musicianship at the age of 25, Asher was instantly aware that along with creating music, She is called to help other musicians deepen their own identities, purpose, and creative potential.  She says beyond sharing her own music, it is the greatest joy she has ever known to offer others the golden key to fulfillment she continues to find– the ability to connect with a whole heart.

Listen in to Asher Leigh’s podcast

Musicians, artists, and creatives of all kinds are invited to join this Voices of Love information session where you will surely hear something that speaks to you!

In this FREE weekly group training, Asher discusses common reasons many artists feel stuck, halted, and/or frustrated as they move along on their creative journeys. she’ll also share her signature process of W.H.O.L.E.-hearted creation, which has provided many with a consistent way to tap into your creative source, and express yourself from a place of worthiness, confidence, and appreciation.

Whether you are a musician ready to make your next big leap, or a groovy person ready to dig deeper into your passion and purpose, you belong with us here!

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