Babe’s Pizza is a hidden gem with some of the best Pizza anywhere!

Two things that are true beyond any doubt: You’re never too old to find love, and you can find really great pizza and more in Burnsville, at Babe’s Pizza and Treats. Babe's Pizza and Treats Double Decker Pizza

First, the love story. Babe’s Pizza and Treats is owned by Bob and Phyllis Myers, who met in a mobile home park in Ellenton, Florida. Bob is 80 years young, and Phyllis is 77. “Bob’s wife had died, and he was walking the dogs,” Phyllis says. “I stuck my head out the door and asked if he was okay. He said yes. A week or so later he took me out for coffee (I told him I didn’t drink coffee but I drank tea). The rest is history. We were married October 1, 2016, in the clubhouse of the mobile home park.”

Bob and Phyllis were not destined to remain in Florida. Phyllis had other plans. “I had lived in Burnsville for seven years and fallen in love with the place,” she says. “However, my mom was in a nursing home in Sarasota, and I got tired of the 12-hour car ride back and forth once a month. I sold my Burnsville home and moved to the mobile home park. When Bob and I decided to get married, I told him there was one condition. I had to take him to Burnsville and he had to love it, because I was going to move back. He did, we moved and he does love it as much as I do.”

Next comes the pizza. Bob and Phyllis soon realized that Burnsville didn’t have a good selection of pizza. Since Bob had been in the pizza business for 30+ years in Florida, they decided to rectify the situation, and Babe’s Pizza and Treats made their Burnsville debut with pizza unsurpassed by any in Western North Carolina.

Babe's Pizza and Treats Double Decker
Babe’s Pizza and Treats yummy Double Decker Pizza

Babe’s specialty is “Double Decker Pizza” – literally a pizza baked on top of another pizza. “Originally, we experimented with a stuffed pizza (with top and bottom crust) for a couple of months, then adding ingredients on top,” Bob says. “We found it to be very successful, and that evolved into the Double Decker.”

The Double Decker Pizza is so satisfying and so filling, that even hungry teenagers can’t eat more than a few slices. Babe’s also specializes in white taco pizza, wings, delicious Philly cheese steak sandwiches, and an impressive line-up of pizzas all made fresh to order. “The two main sellers of any pizza are: thin crisp crust and quality taste to the sauce,” Bob says.

Babe's pizza crust
Bob making Babe’s Pizza and Treats’ pizza dough

What makes Babe’s pizza so special? “Making our own dough gives the crust more consistency and it’s tastier,” Bob says. “We also found that by adding the meats on top of the crust and sauce but underneath the cheese, the tastes meld into crust and sauce to give them more flavor. Then the vegetables go on top of the cheese to flavor the cheese. You can taste the difference.”

Babe's Pizza and Treats
Each Babe’s Pizza is made to order

Are you gluten intolerant? No problem! Babe’s does gluten-free crusts and cauliflower crusts for vegetarians and weight-conscious customers.

Looking for dessert? Babe’s has that covered! “We have 24 flavors of Hershey’s ice cream,” Bob says, “and we make milkshakes, sundaes, banana splits, brownie sundaes, and of course cup or waffle or regular cones. We also have a wonderful baker who makes delicious treats like cinnamon buns, brownies, various tarts, frosted sugar cookies, cannoli cupcakes, carrot cakes, and more.”

Babe’s offers a family-friendly, inviting atmosphere. At this time, they are observing pandemic protocol with masks and gloves, and keeping a six-foot social distancing with the location of tables.

If you’d rather enjoy their incredible pizza and treats from the comfort of your own home, Babe’s offers delivery from 11 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm, within a five-mile radius of the shop.

Since opening in the area, Babe’s has played a role in “giving back” to the community. “We have been involved with the free school lunch program,” Phyllis says. “We gave free meals to school kids for the first five months of the virus, contributed $2,000 to Feed A Child, and gave discounts to middle and high school students.”

If you haven’t been to Babe’s Pizza and Treats, get ready for a great experience. Even if you don’t live in Burnsville, it’s worth the drive to experience the excellence of their cuisine. “For those who haven’t tried us, I would like to invite them in to see our place and taste the quality of our product and become a friend,” Phyllis says.

Babe’s Pizza and Treats

170 Reservoir Road

In the Sav-Mor Shopping Plaza






Blog written by Hank Eder

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