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Rita Thomas Enterprises – Business Automation

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Automate your business for enhanced peace of mind and a thriving business! Unlock the potential of automation to create a more personalized, efficient, and lucrative business environment.

I teach business automation to owners to make more money with less stress.


Business-Automation-Knoxville-TNAllow me to serve as your guide in order to reclaim valuable time and increase the prosperity of your business.


Do you find yourself in a perpetual state of catching up with your business? You possess the knowledge of generating sales, fulfilling orders, and discovering new leads. However, the magnitude of these tasks makes you yearn for two additional brains and eight extra arms!

I empathize with your situation. As a business owner, I aspired to provide my clients with a personalized and inviting experience. Regrettably, the hours in a day were insufficient, until I stumbled upon the concept of business automation.

Through the utilization of the right software, I discovered the ability to generate a continuous stream of leads and cultivate meaningful relationships through content. I meticulously built my business until it reached a point where I could depart from my day job. Now, as a certified partner of Keap, I am eager to assist you in achieving the same level of success!

Let's Make Your Business MORE:

  • Personal - Bid farewell to impersonal, standardized messaging and embrace a more personalized approach. Through automation, you have the ability to craft tailored content that directly addresses the unique needs of every customer. Additionally, with comprehensive analytics and reporting, you'll gain insights into the most effective messaging style that truly resonates with your audience.
  • Efficient - Discover the art of process automation or entrust me with the task. Benefit from my continuous assistance, allowing you to delegate essential yet monotonous daily duties. Meanwhile, concentrate on the fervor and strategic vision that drove you to initiate your enterprise.
  • Profitable - Expand your reach, personalize customer experiences, and streamline your processes. Automation simplifies and enhances the purchasing journey, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty. Satisfied customers not only return but also recommend your business to their acquaintances.

KEAP and Infusionsoft Certified Partner

What is Keap? It is an automation software that makes payments, scheduling emails and other business automation processes easy! Sign up with Rita Thomas Enterprises for Keap and here's what you will receive!


Specialized Coaching

Receive expert guidance and assistance during the onboarding and setup process for your team, enabling you to automate processes efficiently. Additionally, avail personalized support packages to ensure continuous progress.


Efficiently manage all customer information and requirements within a comprehensive and well-organized system. Guarantee the timely delivery of accurate information at every stage of their customer journey.


Eliminate the risk of forgetting invoices with our automated payment processing system, making it effortless for you and your clients to handle financial transactions.


Effortlessly share your availability and schedule client appointments with ease. Simplify the process of coordinating and managing your calendar efficiently.

Emails & Texts

Communicate effortlessly by sending appointment reminders, lead-nurturing emails, and more. Enhance your email performance by conducting A/B testing.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain valuable insights into customer preferences and track the growth of your business through comprehensive reporting and analytics.


Seamlessly integrate Keap with popular business programs such as Square, QuickBooks, and Calendly.

Landing Pages

Capture the attention of potential leads by creating professional landing pages for all your promotional campaigns.

Are You Ready? Get in touch with Rita Thomas to learn more about Automation Services, Software, Support, Training, Classes and more.


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Rita Thomas

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