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Tarah Long – Life Coach and Acupuncture

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Tarah Long, Life Coach and Acupuncturist, desires and intends for you to feel more free and more like yourself as a result of working with her. She's here to help you remember your wholeness, embody all of you, the human aspects and the infinite, and be who you are here to be.

Life Coach and Acupuncture

Tara Long - Life Coach - Acupuncture
Tarah Long

For two decades, Tarah has honed her skills in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Acupuncture possesses the potential to address and mend various maladies affecting the body and mind, such as pain, digestive troubles, anxiety, depression, weight loss, fertility concerns, and more.

Furthermore, Tarah holds certification in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and serves as a co-host for The Source Connection Podcast ( available on Odysee, YouTube, and Spotify.

Currently, Tarah is deeply invested in assisting individuals in incorporating Natural Law and personal sovereignty into their lives. This journey commences with an exploration of inner-level apprehensions surrounding authority, followed by practical daily measures to align external circumstances with inner freedom.

To schedule an acupuncture or cupping session, please call me at 808-392-1904.

To contact me for private online coaching sessions, please visit  or book a free 45 min consultation.

The Embodiment of YOU

All aspects of your being, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, are equally valued and welcomed. While you may direct your attention to one aspect more than others at times, no part of you should be disregarded or forgotten. Embodying your identity means fully embracing every aspect of yourself without fixation on specific traits, allowing others to see and accept you as a complete whole. By connecting to the profound core within you, which is eternal and infinite, you can establish it as your unwavering foundation.

Coaching is Powerful

Coaching possesses immense power, capable of awakening dormant aspects within oneself. Together, we establish a realm of possibility and growth, where all dimensions of your life can harmonize, bringing clarity and guiding your next optimal course of action.

Furthermore, I am resolute in holding space for your utmost potential and the recollection of your complete being. Your essence, unadorned and radiant, becomes the focal point.

Coaching offers support in both practical aspects of life and the profound understanding of oneself. I have personally witnessed, as well as observed in my clients, transformative moments and life-altering decisions that arise through coaching.

About Tarah

Tarah-Long-Chinese-Medicine-Johnson-City-TNI am here to remind you of your true identity and the inherent magic that resides within you. You possess the extraordinary qualities of both an infinite being and a human being, destined for greatness.

Since childhood, I have possessed a unique perspective, able to envision the larger picture and identify ways to improve or approach things differently for the benefit of all. Unfortunately, this perspective has not always been well-received by others in my life. However, I have come to understand the importance of meeting people where they are and holding space for the possibilities they may not yet recognize.

I have always been a seeker, an avid student of life, driven to uncover the ultimate truth about our existence and purpose. This quest has taken me on profound journeys, exploring the depths of everything and nothingness, traversing the realms of the infinite and returning to the physical world, traversing the entire spectrum of creation.

I have experienced both euphoria and groundedness in order to achieve a harmonious state of being, uncovering my true essence and deepest self. Consequently, I am able to serve as a guiding presence for others as they embark on their own paths of self-discovery and authenticity, whatever that may entail for them. Each of us possesses a distinct journey interwoven with all other individuals in a profound bond of love.

My purpose is to offer a gentle reminder and serve as a guiding force towards your ultimate manifestation and expression. Your presence here holds significant meaning, occurring at a remarkable juncture in time, and together we shape the world.

Allowance is granted for all aspects of your being, including emotions, thoughts, and all facets of yourself. They may come and go, yet they persistently remain accessible to you. Everything exists for your benefit. You are an embodiment of pure love.


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