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Upkeep LLC – Bookkeeping Elevated

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Bookkeeping Elevated!

Knoxville Area and National Virtual Bookkeeping Services


Bookkeeping Service Knoxville TN and Nationwide USA Upkeep LLC offers full bookkeeping services to not only keep you well organized and ready for tax time but to helps an entrepreneur really understand what is going on in their business. Numbers tell a story, if you know how to look at them but many business owners aren't sure how to use them to make themselves far more profitable. Upkeep LLC does just that by reviewing the business trends and numbers with the owner to help you move the needle on profitability and put more money back in your pocket!

Upkeep LLC also offers Quickbooks Training and Cleanup Services as well as a variety of options to get you closer to being the best business you can be all while keeping within the means of your budget.

Full Service Bookkeeping Services

Every chapter in your business narrative is significant and has an impact. That's why our comprehensive bookkeeping services go beyond just providing support – they play a crucial role in your journey of growth and success. Through our meticulous attention to detail, we free you from the burdens of financial administration so that you can focus on what truly drives your business forward. Our team of experts takes care of everything, from tracking expenses to generating financial reports, giving you the valuable insights and confidence needed to navigate your path towards success.

Recognize the pivotal importance of full-service bookkeeping in your business story. Allow us to be the reliable ally that ensures every chapter unfolds with clarity and purpose. Together, we will create a tale of prosperity and achievement!


Imagine this scenario: Your financial records, previously disorganized and chaotic, are now transformed into a streamlined and meticulously organized masterpiece. With our expertise, we will unravel any discrepancies and errors, guaranteeing that your narrative is communicated with absolute clarity and meticulousness.

No longer will you be haunted by the repercussions of past accounting errors. Instead, you will confidently step into the future, equipped with precise and dependable financial data to serve as your guiding light.

Seize the opportunity to rectify your business's narrative with our meticulous bookkeeping cleanups. Allow us to establish a solid foundation that will empower you to make informed and crucial business decisions.

Business Consultations and Strategic Planning

Strategic planning acts as a guiding compass for your business as it navigates the ever-changing landscape. Our professional business consulting services, supported by thorough bookkeeping and insightful financial reports, will help shape a prosperous future for your enterprise. Through collaborative efforts, we will unveil a wealth of strategic insights that illuminate the path to growth and success. With our guidance, you will uncover hidden opportunities, minimize risks, and set a course towards your ambitious profit objectives. No longer will you sail blindly; we will be your trusted advisors, leveraging the power of your financial records to develop strategies that propel your business to new heights.

Training and Guidance

With the knowledge and skills necessary to fully utilize QuickBooks, your team will confidently handle daily operations. Our tailored training programs and ongoing support ensure that your books are managed correctly, eliminating the struggles of financial management. Our dedicated experts are available to guide you every step of the way, ensuring mastery of QuickBooks. Embrace expert bookkeeping and QuickBooks training & support to create a narrative of streamlined operations, financial clarity, and unstoppable growth for your business.

Why Choose Upkeep LLC?

  • Owner & Bookkeeping Professional
    • We bring  over 20 years of bookkeeping & business management experience to the table with problem solving skills.
  • Qualified, Certified, & Experienced
    • Certified in Bookkeeping in addition to a business degree and NIFE Financial Counseling Certification.
  • Quickbooks Advanced & Xero ProAdvisor
    • Highly trained and experienced in all aspects of Quickbooks, in addition to expertise in Xero.
  • Payroll Systems with Gusto & Patriot
    • Setup and training for  independent business owners, or general management and compliance departments.



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