Finding a sitter has never been easier with College Nannies+Sitters+Tutors

Parents, have you ever had a big night planned without the kids, only to have your sitter canel? Or you can’t find one you feel good about?

College Nannies+Sitters+Tutors is the savior of your sanity! \

Parents need to stay connected as a couple. Part of maintaining that connection might mean regular date nights. Maybe a family has a need for a nanny for the summer or their kids may need some help with school. The mission of College Nannies+Sitters+Tutors is to build stronger families. They achieve this by addressing the needs of individual families, throughout the life‐stages of their children.

College Nannies+Sitters+Tutors doesn’t have a bunch of independent contractors who are randomly linked to families. They are the largest employer of sitters and nannies, and every employee goes through a rigorous national background screening and interview process. They also go through an orientation and ongoing training where they learn creative play, crafts, games, meal ideas and even jokes! They see thousands of people each year. They interview people every day. If they can’t answer questions like, ‘what does a toddler eat for lunch?’ they won’t be working for College Nannies+Sitters+Tutors.

Families are supported by a full team of experts. Both the sitters and the role model managers make sure everyone is engaged. Their sitters will never just be sitting on the couch with earbuds on, texting friends. Their business model allows them to partner with families as their kids grow. It may start with a need for a nanny who provides full‐time care, but as schedules change ‐ maybe a sitter is a better fit. Then, as they transition further, they might discover the need for a tutor.

They’re unique in this area. No one else offers cradle to college support for families like they do. Their community is growing and changing very quickly right now. It’s tough for a lot of families because they are new to the area. Maybe Grandma used to watch the kids and now she’s too far away. They’re here to provide a trusted connection to a quality sitter.

Contact College Nannies+Sitters+Tutors and don’t worry about anything again.

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