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Stuck in a repetitive business rut? You need automation!


Have you ever felt like your business is like a merry-go-round? You’re chasing new

clients and projects, but you seem to always get stuck in the stress of your expanding
workload, seriously slowing your plans to scale your business to a higher level.

That’s where Rita Thomas Enterprises comes in to show you how you can automate
your workflow so you can grow larger with less stress. Rita is an automation specialist in
the areas of workflow and productivity with 12 years of experience in the field. She can
help you gain valuable time to work on growing your business smoothly.

Rita Thomas Enterprises offers a range of services to clients, including:
 Strategic planning
 Implementation and maintenance of integrated systems
 Training and education on marketing and automation
 Automated email and text campaigns
 Monitoring of email deliverability, bounce rates, broken links, and other critical
system functions, so clients can keep their eyes on the big picture

“We believe that with the right tools, we can turn around the statistic that most

businesses fail in the first few years,” Rita says. “Entrepreneurs find themselves doing
many tasks that are not appropriate for them to be focused on – repetitive, clerical tasks
that can be delegated or automated. We teach those business owners how to put tasks
on ‘autopilot’ so that they can focus on their zone of genius.”

Overcoming obstacles to growth is another important aspect of Rita’s work. Rita helps
businesses in several key ways:
 Attracting the RIGHT leads 24/7 and keeping them engaged until they make a
 Converting leads to customers
 Converting customers to raving fans

 Keeping all the important details about each customer together in one place

Rita teaches businesses how to use an integrated CRM, email, invoicing, and calendar
system. “This allows you the freedom to do what you love and serve the clients who are
searching for your services,” she says. “We then create captivating photos and videos
for your marketing message, so that you attract the right clients at the right time with
the right message.”

Is your business a good candidate for Rita Thomas Enterprises? “I specialize in serving
small business owners, entrepreneurs, and their coaches,” Rita says. “My ideal client is
running a profitable business and has reached a tipping point where they need systems
that will allow for controlled growth and steady monthly income. Their current systems
are no longer adequate and they seek a solution with expert guidance from a certified

partner. Any business that finds that they are spending a lot of time on repetitive tasks,
such as sending email and text messages, following up on requests for information,
trying to attract new leads, tracking customer’s preferences, and much more.”

Some common business tasks that can be automated include:

 Invoice follow up
 Abandoned cart follow up and converting to a sale
 Creating a task list based on client’s choices and behavior (Did they buy that thing or
not? Did they click on a link in the email or not? Did they answer your poll in this
direction or that?) Your task can be to follow up, based on those factors.
 Staying in front of your client so that you’re “known before you’re needed”
 Learning what the customer wants, needs, and desires (through polls)
 Attracting an audience for your webinar, summit, or workshop
 Delivering your lead magnet to interested parties 24/7 and keeping the customer’s
eyes on your company
 Managing an affiliate program
 Delivering course materials to your customers when THEY want it
 Calling back leads and customers – actually reaching them instead of playing
“phone tag”

How does Rita stand out from other workflow automation specialists? “I have the unique

blend of technical abilities and nurturing personality,” she says. “I love working with
business owners to hold their hand through the setup process and into the exciting
world of automation. I know that early successes encourage clients to keep delving
deeper into other areas where automation can save them hours each week. This
dramatically improves their work and home life.”

A crucial part of Rita’s work is rescuing business owners who are stuck in overwhelm.
“We identify areas where they are spending energy on tasks that could be automated,”
she says. “We create a plan to streamline their workflow to save up to 10 hours per
week. We design, develop, and implement that plan into strategic campaigns that will
keep the business running without the owner or staff needing to touch every task along
the way.”

How “tech savvy” do you need to be to benefit from Rita’s services? “The business

owner needs to know the outcome they desire, but not a great deal of the technical
skills to get it done,” Rita points out. “It’s most important that the business owner can
articulate their needs so that the certified automation partner can make that outcome a
reality. The process is most successful when the business owner can monitor the
analytics to ensure that their objectives are being met.”

Rita loves to share customer success stories. “L. had a business for several years and
was barely limping along,” Rita says. “She tried to keep all the important details in her
head, while juggling multiple notebooks and piles of sticky notes; all of them teeming
with eager prospects and amazing product ideas. She never knew how much money

she would earn in a month – if any – so it was very difficult to get the coaching she
needed to ramp up her business. When she started working with me, she instantly saw
improvements because she could handle more details for more clients at the same time
without overwhelm. Using automation, she began to bring in consistent income and
scaled to twice the size within 12 months.”

Does a business need to be well-established before taking advantage of workflow

automation? Rita says no, and that she enjoys working with new business owners.
“New business owners are ideal for starting with automation because they are a clean
slate,” Rita says. “Building a business on an integrated platform (like KEAP) develops
excellent systems and habits from the very beginning.”

Rita provides four hours of hands-on setup, live on Zoom. At the end of this training,
business owners are able to start running their businesses all in one place. Customers
can opt for the added advantage of Automation Nation monthly membership, which
includes open office hours (live Q&A), a resource library of training materials, email
Q&A, a LinkedIn Group, and discount pricing on support packages.

What advice does Rita Thomas have for business owners thinking about getting a head

start on automating their workflow? “Don’t be afraid of automation,” she says. “It isn’t
cold or robotic, and it won’t ‘spam’ your clients. You set the tone and the pace of
communications to your list. You just write them in advance and set it up, so it goes out
on the schedule that you choose. Automation is also very useful for keeping
YOURSELF on track with task reminders, email notifications, and key functions visible
on your dashboard so that you never miss a deadline.

There’s still more! Rita Thomas Enterprises also offers photography and branding
services. “Now more than ever, it’s critical to have compelling video and photo
marketing materials for social media, your website, your marketing emails, and more,”
Rita emphasizes. “Your ideal clients are on the web, scrolling faster than their eyes can
process the words they are flying past. Our only hope to capture their attention is to
stop the scroll so that they will give you a few seconds to make a strong impression
and offer solutions to their most pressing problems.

“My branding and marketing photo and video services help with exactly that. You’ll
have sharp, eye-catching photos and video to get your message across quickly and
while portraying exactly what you want: trustworthiness, playfulness, dependability,
flexibility, and more.”

So, if you’re tired of staying stuck in the same rut, give Rita Thomas a call. She’ll get
you off the “worry-go-round” and on the road to greater business success.


Rita Thomas Enterprises
Telephone: 865-326-3656


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