Janette Vidal’s Mountain Oak Properties Is Your Real Estate Resource

In today’s hot realty market, finding a realtor with vast knowledge and negotiating skills is more important than ever. That’s where Janette Vidal of Mountain Oak Properties comes in.

Janette combines more than 25 years of real estate experience with business administration skills, a Lean Six Sigma Certification that helps her identify and remove risks, errors or defects in business processes. Throw in a winning attitude and tireless determination to get the best deals for her clients, and… Well, you get the idea!

A transplant to the mountains from South Florida, Janette draws on her own experiences and specializes in folks relocating to Western North Carolina from other areas. She is especially drawn to first-time home buyers. “First time homeowners tend to be the most fulfilling,” Janette says. “One of life’s goals typically include homeownership. Helping folks with a life goal is being part of their forever legacy.”

Janette works with residential clients, both buyers and sellers. For a buyer, having Janette on your side in this market is essential. “The market is fast and furious, with a lot of competitive bids coming in for area properties,” she says. “It’s really your best advantage to have a seasoned negotiator at your side when bidding on hot properties.”

The same is true for sellers. When multiple bids are coming in, having a realtor with Janette’s level of experience can help you juggle multiple factors besides just selling price to ensure a smooth selling transaction.

Janette Vidal first entered the Real Estate world in 1995 to help her community maximize the sale of their home or help that young family find their perfect home. She hasn’t looked back. Finding the perfect home for clients is important to Janette. She says she can’t stress the importance of home ownership enough for families. “Buy a home! The sooner, the better. It’s the best investment you can ever have.”

Janette lives with her fiancé and two kids in Fairview North Carolina. In her free time, she likes to volunteer in her community, run, or cycle through the various beautiful trails in Asheville and surrounding areas.

Mountain Oak Properties

Janette Vidal

32 All Souls Crescent #202
Asheville, NC 28803
(In the Biltmore Forest Ruth’s Chris Shopping Center)

828-767-7250 / 786-486-7595




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