Overwhelmed with administrative tasks?

As business owners, we can get buried in mundane administrative tasks. That’s where Moxie Administrative Services can help.

Moxie Administrative Services provides professional administrative support to small businesses and individuals, virtually or in person.

Whether it’s keeping your business’ social media page updated, setting up filing systems, planning an event, or doing simple bookkeeping and billing. One day a week or once a month, virtually or in person, Moxie Administrative Services is the resource for you.

Kristen Stover started Moxie Administrative services so your time can be better spent doing what you do best.

With over 35 years experience as an administrative professional in many different fields, Kristen can provide almost any type of support you require.  After being promoted out of virtually every administrative role she had, she discovered she is happiest when she is in an administrative support role.

A sole proprietor for four years herself, she understands the unique challenges that single business owners face on a daily basis.

From setting up files and billing, to meeting planning and transcription, Kristen and the members of Moxie Administrative Services are ready to help you focus on your big picture.

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