Rejection Is So Beautiful

The 9th Wonder Of The World


I know it may seem that I’ve lost all of my marbles, and perhaps if you knew me well enough, you would agree but hear me out. As you read this, hold this thought in mind, look forward to your next rejection.

Why, you ask?

Because being rejected can lead you on the path to success.

I trust that you’ve heard and perhaps can even cite The Seven Ancient Wonders of The World. Well, you may or may not know someone has declared an 8th, and I feel it appropriate to claim a 9th.

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t… pays it.

― Albert Einstein

Let’s get the craziness out of the way first. Sure, I’ll agree that being rejected for anything you want stings and is never the desired outcome. Being rejected for most will trigger some early childhood memory of not being accepted on a team or group or clique.

For me, my childhood rejection came in grade school. Our school, like most, had a chorus group of a whole lot of people. Nearly anyone who wanted to join would be accepted. The operative word being ‘nearly.’ I tried out for 3 years in a row and was invited, the polite way to say, try again next year as we don’t want you this year. Eventually, I got the message. My voice was not crafted for singing.

When I got involved in theatre in my late 20’s, I even hired a well educated and experienced operatic vocal coach who worked with me for a month. I diligently practiced hoping to somewhat carry a note, stay in tune, and keep time with the beat. After many sessions, she suggested I devote my time to learning something else.

In my 40’s I took ballroom dancing. That too wasn’t my forte as I never felt the rhythm of the music. I had to think of left foot goes here, right foot goes here, do that 3 times, then start the next routine for 2 cycles, and return to the original left foot goes here sequence. While I may have achieved some semblance of mechanical accomplishment, there was never any flow to my robotic movements.

Think for a moment the last time you were rejected. I know I’ve been told when asking out someone on a date, and they tell me, no, I shouldn’t take it personally. As a person, I take everything personally because, as humans, that is how we’re designed to operate. However, I understand the concept and deal with it. What I have discovered, thanks to some maturity on my part, is this. Instead of having any rejection be psychologically or emotionally defeating, I consider it a suggestion for a course correction on my part. And why I think of Rejection as the 9th Wonder Of The World. As it truly is a wonder if you look at it from that perspective.

I may have worked at being a singer for years and never really gotten much better. Sure, for those who are passionate about something, the sting is more significant. But if you’re trying to do something that you’re not ideally suited for, is it really worth it? How about focus your energies on what you are more naturally suited for?


It used to be that we were taught to ignore your strengths and focus instead on shoring up your weaknesses. Thankfully, the new school of thought is the opposite. Forget about your weaknesses. Instead, concentrate on shoring up your strengths to turn them into superpowers. While it is not always possible, there are many ways you can outsource your weaknesses to spend even more time on your strengths.

The world’s seven wonders stand the test of time: Truth, love, joy, faith, peace, virtue, and wisdom.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo


Final Consideration


Allowing me to declare REJECTION the 9th Wonder Of The World may never catch on with the mainstream media. For me, it is an amusing perspective. And one, I hope you can adopt. Over time if you find all of your pieces are getting rejected, perhaps your talents may lie in singing and not writing. Belt out a song, post it on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and read the comments. Your writing rejections may be giving you a course correction into a singing career. Or who knows as you may be the one who discovers the 10th Wonder Of The World.

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