Great Lunch in Mars Hill

It may seem counter-intuitive to believe you can find a great lunch at a gas station, but yes, you can at the Mars Hill American Grill.

The high quality of the food derives from the owner’s simple philosophy. “I don’t serve anything we don’t want to eat ourselves,” says owner Yousef Benomran. “Our specialty is the Angus Burger. Then there’s the Angus 100% beef hot dog, and now we’re introducing the Philly Cheese Steak, made from prime rib. What makes our food special is the quality. In a burger I could choose any beef. I chose the Angus beef for its quality. It comes in fresh twice a week, so it’s high quality and tasty.”

The Mars Hill American Grill was born six months ago, when the Hardee’s closed. Yousef has been running the Exxon Station since 2007. Over time he began selling food items in the convenience store. “We were serving some food in the store, some breakfast items, Hunt Bros pizza, and hot dogs,” he says. “I saw the need for this community to have a grill with good food. Tasty, high quality fast food is what we offer at the American Grill.”

If you’re really hungry, try the specialty American Grill Burger. Bet you can’t finish it! With three Angus beef patties, two cheese slices, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, mayo, mustard, and ketchup on a Brioche bun, you just might have to bring some home for a snack later.

The American Grill doesn’t stop at burgers and hot dogs. The chicken fillet, served on a Hawaiian bun is a favorite. Salads are always made from fresh greens, and the onion rings are to die for! You’ll think they came from a fine Atlanta eatery. That’s not all. Chicken wings come in original, hot and spicy, and barbecue. Try the new flounder sandwich or the catfish plate.

If it’s pizza you want, Hunt Bros Pizza has fresh ingredients, and there’s no extra charge for adding ingredients. By the slice or by the pie, thin crust and regular crust, it’s all made fresh and fast for eating at the Grill or for take-out.

Don’t forget dessert! Mars Hill American Grill offers hot donuts made to order. Take your pick of glazed, cake donuts, Bavarian crème, and apple fritters. There are eight flavors of soft-serve ice cream and three flavors of freshly made milkshakes.

Located right off I-26 exit 11, the Mars Hill American Grill is a great place for travelers to grab a quick, tasty meal. However, more than 75% of their business comes from local folks that keep coming back for more. “The locals say it’s a most needed place in Mars Hill, and they’re happy we’re here” Yousef says. “I appreciate the local support, and I appreciate them giving us a chance. It’s good to be supported by the local community.”

Travelers on the run who don’t have the time to dine at the Grill have some great choices at the convenience store. “There’s everything,” Yousef says. “Snacks from chips to healthy snacks, pre-made cold cut sandwiches (roast beef, ham & cheese, and tuna), always fresh. Milk, cake snacks, soft drinks, fountain drinks, gourmet coffee, and more. Clean and quality food with friendly service. Travelers can use the clean restrooms on the road to their destination. Travelers and locals alike compliment us for these things.”

Don’t just take our word for it. Head out for a great lunch at Mars Hill American Grill. If you’ve never been to Mars Hill, you’ll find it’s a scenic 25-minute drive from downtown Asheville. A beautiful drive, good food, and a quaint, small town to take a walk in after lunch – what more could anyone ask?

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