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That is the one bit of advice Louise St. Romaine of Fast Cat Photography Studios gives to clients about to sit for a photo shoot. “The more relaxed you are, the better your photos, will turn out,” Louise says. Her experience and results have shown this to be true every time.

Fast Cat is a mobile photography studio, specializing in fulfilling the needs of small to medium businesses. “We work at your location, creating images that show how your business runs,” Louise says.

Louise has been a professional photographer since 2006, beginning in New Jersey and then moving to North Carolina in 2012. She offers a variety of services to her clients. “We offer business portraits and headshots, day in the life of the business photography, product photography, family and pet portraits and art photography,” Louise says. “We also do photo retouching and restoration. In addition, we provide fine art images for home and office including paintings.”

A quick search for photographers in our area shows a multitude of choices. How can you know who to choose, or even who to trust? Number of Facebook Likes? Fee structure? Reviews? As “they” say, it’s a jungle out there! There are several factors to consider in making your choice.

“The first thing I would suggest is looking at the portfolio of the photographer you are considering,” Louise says. “Just go to their website. For example, my website showcases the kinds of photography I do – mainly portrait and product work for businesses, with some pet, family, and art photography added to the mix to keep things interesting. If they don’t have a website, look elsewhere. It’s easy to have a website to showcase your work these days, and if they can’t even be bothered to build a website, it raises alarm bells about what else they can’t be bothered to do. Check out the images they showcase on their site. It gives you an idea of their specialties. For example, if you’re looking for a wedding photographer, you would not choose me, because I don’t have any wedding photography on my website. However, if you are looking to showcase your business, my website shows you would be looking in the right place. Also, when you’re looking through the images on a website, be sure that the quality is consistent throughout the site. And check out the photographer’s social media sites. That way you can ensure that the person is capable of doing the work.”

What makes Fast Cat Photography Studios stand out from other photo businesses is Louise’s attention to the specific needs of her clients. “We meet with the client ahead of the session, either by phone or on location,” she says. “We learn all about your business and make decisions about how to best show that off.”

Another way Fast Cat shines brightly is Louise’s Certified Professional Photographer accreditation. “This is a process in which I passed a 100-question exam and a portfolio review, demonstrating that my work demonstrates a consistent, high standard,” Louise says.

Like most Western NC photographers, Fast Cat tends to book up rather quickly. “If the photographic work you need to have done is extensive, we will need to plan out when you want to have it done,” Louise says. “Give me a call to discuss your needs, and I will let you know about how long it would take to create the images you need, as well as when I can be there.

In her years as a professional photographer, Louise has found satisfaction in pleasing her customers. “It is always great when I get someone who says, upon seeing their portraits, that they never thought they looked as good as they do in the images we created,” she says. “Our ideal client is everyone who really values quality photography.”

Whatever your needs, personal or business, Fast Cat Photography Studio will get the job done to your total satisfaction and leave you looking like the proverbial million bucks. But don’t worry. It won’t cost nearly that much!

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