The Home Business Success Community invites you to the next meeting

You are cordially invited to the next Home Business Success Zoom meeting, Tuesday, March 9 at 4:30 pm Eastern.

David Riddell of Big Frog Custom T-Shirts will lead a discussion on Relationship Marketing as a business-building tool. We all have products or services to sell, but our greatest marketing assets are the relationships we build. Don’t miss this one.
Home Business Success Community meetings are usually members-only, but we’ve opened this one for guests, and we’d love to see you there. Please invite a friend or colleague, especially if they are a good fit for the Home Business Success Community. Here’s the Zoom invitation:
Just click that link on Tuesday, March 9 at 4:30 to join in, and please spread the word.
David Riddell will bring his contagious energy to the Home Business Success Community, as he shares some of the secrets of Relationship Marketing.

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