Barry Dye Construction

Barry Dye Construction

These days a lot of folks talk about finding their “dream career.” Barry Dye is pursuing his with heart, mind, and soul with Barry Dye Construction.

A third-generation carpenter, Barry knew early in life that construction is where he belongs. “As a teenager I began learning the trade and develop the skills needed,” Barry said. “At that time, I learned that my passion was for construction. Being a hands-
on person, I found the experience intriguing and inspiring. I started straight out of high school working within my family construction business.”

Serving residential customers, Barry Dye Construction offers a variety of services, including deck building, complete remodeling, additions, floors, anything handyman, sheetrock, vinyl siding, windows and doors, bathrooms, kitchen, and more.”
What does a handyman do? Everything from small repairs around your house like repairing sheetrock, installing water lines, fixing leaking toilets, trim work, hanging blinds, mirrors, shelving, and vanities, changing out light fixtures, faucets, ceiling fans and whatever else you may need repaired. “Just call us about your project, and we can take care of it for you.”

In 2008, when the economy adversely affected the construction, Barry had to seek his livelihood elsewhere, but knew he’d return to what he loved to do. “I began working as a tradesman at Universal Fibers,” he said. “Universal helped my family in many ways, however this is not where my heart is. I was so passionate about building and remodeling that I knew I could not give it up. I started working on alternate days,
building Barry Dye Construction from the ground up.”

Barry enjoys doing construction projects with people, and turning down jobs became frustrating. “I have met so many wonderful clients along the way who entrusted me to take their visions and transform them,” Barry said. “Unfortunately, many times I would have to turn work  down due to being a full-time employee elsewhere. I made the decision to step down from my position at Universal and pursue what my heart is telling me to do. In the last few years, I have been very thankful that my business is thriving. I have realized that I want to continue to pursue my dream career full-time and strive to help every potential customer that I can.”

Barry’s business philosophy is very straightforward. “I put God first, and everything else will fall into place,” he said. Of all the projects he does, his favorites are decks, finishing work, and old houses. “I love history, and each old house tells a story.” He likes to go
the extra mile for his clients with good communication. “I go with them to Lowe’s or wherever and let them pick out what they want, while giving my opinion and helping.” Another great thing about Barry Dye Construction is that Barry handles all aspects of each project, such as cabinetry, flooring, plumbing, electrical, and more. This means there’s no need to wait around for or cater to subcontractors. “I handle it all,” Barry said. Customers can pick out what they want as far as flooring, cabinets, and hardware, but I handle all the rest.”

Barry takes pride in fair pricing, honesty, and dependability. “If you’re considering home renovations,” Barry said. “Do your homework and get estimates. But don’t just choose the lowest bidder. Ask to see samples of their work. Look for quality workmanship.” For high-quality, dependable home renovations and construction, we give an enthusiastic two thumbs up! Call today to discuss your project, and find out what makes Barry Dye Construction your best possible choice in the Tri-Cities.

Barry Dye Construction
11309 Oak Grove Road
Bristol, VA 24202
(Take exit 5 off of Wallace Pike)
(423) 383-3015
Barry and Misty Dye

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