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Ever heard the expression, “Having this much fun ought to be illegal?” There’s a place in Johnson City where you can have more fun than you thought possible. That place is Quantum Leap Trampoline Sports Arena.


Owners Dr. Dan and Leah Bolton have been running this non-stop fun for three and a half years, offering more than 70 trampolines with an obstacle course, two trampoline basketball dunks, two competition dodge ball courts, a trapeze bar, battle beam foam pit, 50-foot tumbling track, warped wall parkour, a gymnastic foam pit, a well-equipped game arcade, eight lanes of Badl Axe (axe throwing), and a blacklight laser tag arena. Toss in a full-menu café and you can see how easy it is to get lost there for a whole day of family fun.


Trampoline Park Tri-Cities TNIt’s not just families that have a blast at Quantum Leap. Companies make use of the facilities, too. “Team Building is huge in all of our areas,” says owner Leah Bolton. “Our Trampoline Dodgeball is so much fun for teams to take on their co-workers and rivals. Laser Tag is played as teams instead of a free-for-all, so teamwork is key to winning the game and you’ll need to work together to achieve success. Laser Tag can accommodate up to 20 people, with 10 on each team. Laser Tag is great for kids, too. Participants can be five years old and up, as long as they can wear the game vest.  Badl Axe Throwing can also be played as teams with 6 players on each target.  The better the throwing, the better the score.”


Feeling the need to compete? Competitive Dodgeball is just what you need to hone your killer instincts. “Competitive Dodgeball can be played with 8 to 10 players on each team,” Leah says. “Elimination can come quickly, so you have to be ready. A Quantum Leap referee can keep the rules in check and can keep score to ensure the quality of the game so players can concentrate on elimination.”

Lazer Tag Johnson City TN

If you’re looking to nurture the ninja within, look no further than Battle Beam. “Battle Beam is a beam stretched out over a foam pit,” Leah says. “Each player has a foam joust and the challenge is to knock the other player off of the beam, into the foam and achieve victory!”


For those fantasies of becoming a trapeze artist and joining the circus, try the Flying Trapeze. No prior skills are necessary. “From itty bitty, one swing flying up to people achieving flips off of the bar, there is always a soft landing into a foam filled trampoline pit below,” Leah says.


Badl Axe Throwing at Quantum Leap Johnson City TNThen there’s the Badl Axe Room for your inner Viking. “Throwers must be 13 years old and up to throw axes,” Leah says. “Throwing can be a singles game to improve your personal score, or can be up to 12 people per lane (6 on each target) with fierce competitiveness coming out in players. From people who have never touched an axe to lumberjacks who use axes on a daily basis, axe throwing is fun and a lot easier than most can imagine. Throwing skills quickly grow from luck to learning to hit the 

kill shot.  Having a coach on each lane is key, so we have experienced coaches who instruct on safe throwing, then give pointers throughout the game to help improve the throw.”


Folks who prefer virtual gaming have a lot to love about Quantum Leap’s Arcade. “There are about 30 games in our Arcade,” Leah says. “We have a great company that we work with, so they’re always changing out the games to keep up with the most popular ones.


Food and Drink at Quantum Leap Trampoline Johnson CityAll those games and competition can work up quite an appetite. That’s where Quantum Leap’s full menu café comes in. “We have a full menu, with snacks like chips and candy bars up to cooked selections such as chicken nuggets, mini pizzas, hot dogs, nachos, loaded nachos, cheese, chicken or steak quesadillas, and loaded French fries,” Leah says. “We offer a large selection of healthy protein drinks and sport drinks, as well as soft drinks, slushies and juices. For our adults, we have a good selection of popular, nationally known beers and wine coolers, as well as a few delicious, local brews from our breweries right here in downtown Johnson City.”


Parties and Events Johnson City

Having a birthday party, family celebration, or a sports award ceremony? Quantum Leap has four private party rooms, each with its own party host. “For larger groups, we also offer a rentable overlook that can hold up to 50 people, and gives a bird’s eye view of the entire trampoline park, but with a private feel,” says Leah.


Quantum Leap Trampoline Sports Arena is 100% family planned and owned, with 100% USA-made trampolines. “We actually traveled to Georgia to watch our entire park being made; from weaving the trampolines, to sewing the pads and welding the braces,” Leah says. “We knew safety was our top priority so we did our research, and we are proud to be able to say that it has been worth the extra investment of having everything made right here on American soil. Quantum Leap Sports Arena is one of the safest trampoline arenas in the entire USA and we make it a priority to keep it that way.  We have always achieved top scores from the state on our inspection reports and we are so proud of our record with the state inspectors who know that they will always walk into an arena that is clean and safe. We have always achieved top scores from the health department and from city officials, as well.”


With quality and safety their top priorities, Leah wants her customers to know that they don’t cut corners on anything. “With our maintenance, team members, food, and attractions, Quantum Leap is top notch. We train our team well and treat them well. The team that we have is outstanding and so smart, with most of them being college students and a few that will be headed to a training school or college next year. We have the brightest people working as a team, and it’s been amazing watching them go from high school, on to either college or training in a trade and achieving their goals. We are proud to be a stepping stone, and a learning step in the path to their chosen careers.”


So, if fun has been missing for you lately, now’s the time to make a change. Head on over to Quantum Leap Trampoline Sports Arena and have all the fun you can have that’s still legal! 


Quantum Leap Trampoline Sports Arena and Badl Axe Throwing Bar



117 East King Street, Johnson City, TN 37601

Across from the Johnson City Library



Leah 423-928-LEAP (5327)






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