The path to a pain-free life

We all know that pain is a signal that something is not quite right. These could all be messages that your body is out of alignment.

Mike Purcell, LMBT 17150, can help you sort out those messages. Mike was trained in the Rolf method of Structural Integration through the Guild for Structural Integration, and is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist in North Carolina.  Mike became a Postural Alignment Specialist through training with the Egoscue Institute. He received a BS in Kinesiology from Indiana University and has a strong interest in the functionality of the human body.

At The Alignment Path, Mike uses hands on bodywork and corrective exercise to help you align your body. Each modality can be utilized alone, or they can be combined for optimal results. Through safe touch and safe movement clients often experience improved posture and balance, reduced chronic pain, decreased tension and stress, and greater flexibility, function and body awareness.

Visit The Alignment Path and schedule a free consultation.

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