Unleashing the Power of Creative Thinking: Embracing Innovative Thought

When we face problems, it’s easy to jump to quick solutions based on what worked in the past. But this can limit our creativity and create more problems because each situation is unique. Even if the problem seems the same, there are many things that have changed.

Here are some tips to help you think creatively and break free from rigid thinking:


Cultivating Creative Thinking

Sometimes we get stuck thinking in the same old patterns, which stops us from coming up with new ideas. Try to avoid looking for quick and simple answers like you would in a test. Instead, embrace the idea that success comes from the process of exploring and asking open-ended questions.

The Power of Asking Questions

Asking questions is a key part of Creative Thinking. It helps us see the bigger picture and explore new possibilities. By asking questions, we can find fresh ideas and break free from old ways of thinking. It’s much more exciting than always saying, “That’s how we’ve always done it.”

Thinking Big for Problem-Solving 

When we face a problem, it’s helpful to zoom out and look at the bigger picture. This perspective makes the problem seem smaller and less overwhelming. If we focus too much on the problem itself, we waste energy on trivial things.

Creative Thinking and Problem Levels 

To solve a problem creatively, we need to understand it and look for solutions beyond the problem itself. It’s like stepping out of a maze instead of getting lost inside. We often believe that by over-focusing on the problem, we’ll find the solution. But constantly thinking about the problem only leads to negativity and a lack of creativity.

So…understand the problem, especially what caused it and then leave it alone and seek creative solutions. 

Creating an Environment for Creative Thinking 

Create an environment of positivity that does not use punishment as a motivation for success. Why would anyone be creative if they’ll be punished for first-time mistakes?

Now, let’s explore a 9-step process to train your Creative Thinking:

  1. Warm-up with Trivial Questions:  Start by asking yourself simple questions that don’t seem important. For example, why do we have five fingers on each hand and each at different lengths? Or why is the grass green? Or why does every human shut their eyes when they sneeze? (silly questions maybe, but mind-openers they are.) This warms up your mind for bigger challenges.
  2. Generate Many Answers:  Don’t limit yourself to logical answers. Be creative and imagine all kinds of ideas, no matter how silly they may seem. This exercise is about training your mind to think creatively.
  3. Embrace Curiosity and Imagination: As you come up with ideas, you’ll feel excited and curious. It’s like being a child again, full of wonder and imagination. Practice this mindset so you can use Creative Thinking in all areas of your life.
  4. Approach Serious Questions with Fresh Eyes: When facing a serious question, pretend it’s the first time you’ve encountered it. Use the same process you did with the trivial question of the five fingers.
  5. Evaluate and Eliminate Ideas: Look at all the ideas you’ve generated and get rid of the ones that don’t make sense or seem irrelevant.
  6. Explore and Connect Ideas: Take a closer look at the ideas that remain and see how they relate to each other. They might suggest new possibilities and solutions.
  7. Use Your Feelings and Strategic Thinking: Listen to your feelings, but also think strategically and do your research before making a decision.
  8. Analyze Consequences: Consider the short-term and long-term consequences of your potential solutions. Think about how they might affect different situations.
  9. Choose the Best Solution: Remember, you don’t have to aim for perfection. It’s more realistic to achieve a 75% success rate. Every decision has hidden consequences, so strive for the best outcome while understanding that you can’t guarantee perfection.

Problem-solving without creative thinking training can be likened to a “miner without a lamp” scenario, whereby old mistakes are repeated.

The Thinking Coach Leadership Training Seminars, which are part of a broad Soft Skills Corporate Training Program, take professionals through a series of workshop exercises to achieve balance, steadiness, inner quiet, and a “big picture” consciousness.

It helps professionals rediscover their own natural Creative genius and shows them how to utilize it in everyday problems. It helps them engage in high-level Problem-Solving processes, and come up with new ideas for old problems in a systematic and holistic fashion.

For more on Eli Harari visit his website: https://thethinkingcoach.com/


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