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Does your water have an unpleasant taste or smell? Are your sinks and faucets turning white with calcium deposits? It’s time you are introduced to Mountain View Pure Water. Serving Johnson City and the Tri-Cities area, Mountain View Pure Water provides quality water filtration systems to improve your health, longevity, and quality of life.

Dan Toth and Family Owner Mountain View Pure Water Johnson City TNMountain View owner Dan Toth stresses the need for water filtration, whether your water comes from a well or from a municipal water supply. “If your water comes from a well, you need to ensure that it is not compromised by microbes or bacteria that can harm you,” Dan says.  “Iron ‘rust’ and calcium ‘hardness’ ruin your appliances, plumbing, and fixtures, and they also ruin water quality, taste, and freshness.”

Municipal water supplies have both good and bad properties. Dan says, “If your water comes from the municipal water supply, city or county, you need to realize that you are fortunate to have sanitary water available to you for such a reasonable price. On the flipside, the water that gets delivered to your home is not ideal for home use. Hardness, which is dissolved rock, typically limestone, will leave residue on your dishes, showers, and sinks, reducing your soap’s ability to clean. Typically, you have to use twice as much soap. Residual chlorine and hardness minerals can change the flavor of your water so that you don’t want to drink it. Besides these physical issues with the water, municipal water also contains chlorination byproducts such as trihalomethane and helioacetic acid, as well as other contaminants such as pesticides, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals and toxins that are not removed during normal water treatment.”


Mountain View Pure Water offers whole house water filtration, starting with water filters for well water, water softeners, and ultraviolet sterilization, along with drinking water solutions such as reverse osmosis systems. “Our ideal customer is someone who is health-conscious and understands the need for water treatment to have cleaner and healthier water,” Dan says. “At Mountain View Pure Water, we focus on the needs of the customer and provide the highest quality products available in the marketplace, giving you the best value available.”

Mountain View offers a variety of systems, but their most popular is the MaxPack. “This system couples our industry-leading water condition system, the Water Max, with reverse osmosis, giving you great water throughout your house and pure, great tasting water for drinking.” Dan says.

Water Quality Testing TriCities YN VAMountain View offers free in-home water testing (valued at $120) to anyone who schedules a water test. “The education provided in our water test and presentation is so valuable you’ll want all of your friends and family to know about it, too,” Dan says.  “At Mountain View Pure Water, we believe the more you know the better we can serve you. That’s why we take time to educate you about your water conditions and how we can help you get the water quality you want for your family.”


Part of what makes Mountain View Pure Water unique in their field is their commitment to the health of their customers. “We are not plumbers and we are not just trying to sell an appliance,” Dan says. “We want to take care of your water issues to give your family healthy, great tasting water that will improve your life and health for decades to come. We try to live by the motto, Provide more than you promised. We believe you’ll find Mountain View Pure Water will meet and exceed your expectations for quality products, great service and customer satisfaction.”


Dan’s products come with great warranties. “When you buy one of our great industry leading Hague products, you can rely on us to service your system worry-free for no extra charge for the life of the warranty, ranging from 10 to 25 years, depending on the product,” Dan says.


Find out which Mountain View product is right for you. “In our attempt to provide products for every home we have several types of water treatment available for all sizes and applications in your home or business. We also provide systems for monthly rental and in-house financing for qualified buyers,” Dan says. “We also have commercial water systems for restaurants, hotels, coffee houses, breweries and other applications where improved water quality is necessary.”


We know how clean and great-tasting Mountain View Pure Water is, but don’t just take our word for it. Call Dan for an appointment to have your water tested, and find out how you can get the best water filtration system at the best price for your home or business.

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