Yoga Nut: More than an app, worksite wellness that actually boosts your team members and bottom line

Many worksite wellness programs consist of asynchronous movement sessions, pre-record guided meditations or gym memberships. Though these are great incentives for living a healthier lifestyle, they are missing one key ingredient for improving your team: connection and belonging.

Connection and belonging helps individuals feel like they are important, that they matter and that their colleagues and management actually care about them. When team members feel understood and engaged, morale skyrockets, staff actually look forward to being at work and the bottom line improves. For every $1 spend on workplace wellness, a business can expect a $2-4 return on investment through improved wellbeing, increased presentee-ism and reduced healthcare costs. (Berry, Mirabito & Baun, 2010; Johnson & Johnson)

At Yoga Nut, we are more than an app. More than asynchronous movement sessions or a gym membership. We provide workplace wellness sessions and guided classes that include all team members – whether your group is in-person, livestream or hybrid!

  • The topics of our Wellness Workshops span across multiple dimensions of wellness – such as mental, social, physical, financial and emotional wellbeing – with tools and hands-on experiences to use again and again.

  • Our yoga and meditation sessions are designed to reduce stress, build a sense of community and teach mindfulness for the days when work piles up and everything seems to be spinning out of control.

  • Our on-demand portal offers tools for re-setting in between meetings or when you’re on-the-go so you and your team members can show up as your best self time and time again.

By starting your workplace wellness program today, you gain the health and dedication of your team. You gain community, belonging and connection. You gain an improved company culture and bottom line.

For a brief overview of our worksite wellness programs, click here. For additional information or to ask any questions you might have, email me (Lindsay) at Plus, mention this blog and receive 10% off your first month of workplace wellness with us!

We can’t wait to work with you!

In health,

Lindsay Coward
Founder, Yoga Nut
Workplace Wellness Professional | Corporate Yoga Instructor | MPH

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