A Vacation Rental with a Country Feel


Looking for a quiet place to “hide away” in Asheville?

Vacation Rental in your future? Need a place with a country feel, but close enough to enjoy all the attractions of the city? Look no further than Asheville Hideaway.

If you’re looking for a vacation rental for two, a furnished short term apartment rental, a corporate getaway, mobile nurse quarters, or a really homey place to bed down while searching for a home in Asheville, you can stay in the comfort and solitude of a private, 1,300 square foot apartment for less than the cost of a postage stamp-sized hotel room.

“Our ideal customers have always been traveling nurses and other hospital workers, travel executives, and people shopping for a home to buy,” says owner Linda Thornton. “You deserve the space, comfort, and solitude of your own apartment. The concept is to be close to the city and businesses, but without the noise or traffic, and to have a slice of nature and an executive apartment.”

This one-bedroom gem is set up for one or two adult guests only. It includes a private gym, Direct TV, DVD, DVR, stereo, high-speed internet, and plenty of space to set up a home-away-from-home office. It also boasts an adjustable bed and Lazy Boy recliner in cozy, welcoming comfort. “Since the Hideaway is an allergy-free environment, neither pets nor smoking are permitted,” Linda says.

The country feel mentioned above is courtesy of the Hideaway’s garden. “The view at Asheville Hideaway is so beautiful when the flowers are in bloom,” Linda says. “In warmer months you can smell their sweet bouquet while relaxing on the deck. In the nice weather, from the privacy of your own deck, you can see deer while enjoying your morning coffee. Even in the winter you will be cheered by the lush green of our large evergreens. Walk in a laid-back community with lots of woodsy views – not just looking at cement parking lots and hordes of strangers at an impersonal hotel. You’ll get personal attention and will be more than just another number! You will be remembered and helped.”

Area attractions include being 13 minutes from downtown Asheville, 20 minutes from the the Blue Ridge Parkway, and just 21 minutes from the world-famous Biltmore Estate. Despite the secluded feeling, Asheville Hideaway is close to Noble Cider, Pappas Restaurant, Wynne Restaurant, First Citizens Bank, Ingles Grocery Store, Sonic Burger, ABC Liquor Store, two Mexican Restaurants, and a take-out Chinese Restaurant.

However, if you’re the type who likes eating in more than dining out, the Hideaway has a full kitchen and a grill out on the deck. There’s a wood burning stove to keep you warm in winter, a queen-sized bed, washer and dryer, a private entrance, and off-street parking.

The minimum stay at Asheville Hideaway is one month. “The maximum stay is as long as you want,” Linda says. “Some guests have stayed a year. I still do a month-to-month lease in case they find a home to buy, or they stay longer at their assignment.”

Linda can’t emphasize enough the advantages of the Hideaway over a hotel. “It’s a lot nicer, more comfortable, much more economical, quieter and safer, with private parking, and nice, helpful hosts who know the community very well,” she says.

The choice is clear: The cold sterility of a hotel, or the warmth and comfort of Asheville Hideaway. It’s obviously no choice at all. Asheville Hideaway wins by a mile!

Asheville Hideaway

Linda Thornton, Owner


48 Holly Hill Dr.

Asheville, NC 28806




(828) 713-3380



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