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Lindsay Coward, owner of Yoga Nut, tells about how it all began.

“It all started when I was in college – there were free classes offered to students. Yoga was something I had heard of, but never had the opportunity to try. I checked it out, and loved it! After graduation I took a sedentary office-type job working 40+ hours a week in front of a computer. Demands were high and the environment wasn’t relaxing to me. Yoga became my escape: my way of staying calm and healthy in a stressful work environment. I kept hearing “you should teach yoga”, but ignored the whisper until I found the 200 hour Intensive Teacher Training at Savannah Yoga Center.

Once certified, I worked closely with a Kripalu Yoga Instructor and began teaching at community-centered environments (community college, government offices, businesses, churches) and the occasional studio or wellness center class. I found my niche in bringing yoga to the community: to a place where YOU already Are. Thus, yoga-to-go, Yoga Nut was born. My passion is to bring yoga to you!”

Lindsay Coward and Cara McCarthy are the Yoga Nuts. Reach them at 704-640-2066

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