Be Prepared for Summertime

Be Prepared for Summertime

We know that Summer is not here yet, but it is getting close.  We encourage people to consider getting your HVAC checked out by a Professional.  Here is why:

  • Dirty Coils – Dirty coils will cause the system to freeze up.  This is when ice forms on the compressor and can freeze the line all the way into the main system of the house.  When this happens your system stops blowing cool air.
  • Low Freon – Your winter heat system can function on a low Freon amount, but when you start running your A/C this low amount of Freon will not cool your house.

Having a professional like All-In-One Refrigeration come by and take a look would not be a bad idea.  They will check your system, coils, and more to make sure your system is going to give you the best performance it can.

If you have this done each year then “great”, but if it’s been a while, then please consider giving  All-In-One Refrigeration a call today or call your regular HVAC company to schedule your HVAC checkup today!

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