Charlotte Sheppard is your Realtor in the Hendersonville area

Charlotte Sheppard loves helping clients find the perfect home or sell their current one so they can move on to and into their perfect home.
Before becoming a REALTOR®, She spent almost 28 years in the U.S. military and then graduated from law school at the age of 48. She knows what it means to serve and to take on a challenge!
When Charlotte was in the military, she assisted families who had just been notified that their loved ones had passed away. She steered them through the minutiae of military red tape and assisted them in planning the perfect memorials or funerals for their loved ones and getting the benefits to which they were entitled. Charlotte says she always wanted them to know they weren’t alone. Now, she uses the experience of helping people through the worst times in their lives to help her clients through one of the most challenging times in their lives – home buying and selling! She assists clients through every step in the process and explains the details to them so they can find the perfect home for themselves or sell their current home and move into that perfect home.
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