Loving an addict is confusing and painful

For parents that are experiencing a loved one in addiction, you are probably feeling exhausted, isolated, scared, and ready just to throw your hands up because every time you open your mouth and try to help your son/daughter, it’s like talking to a brick wall. Every move you make seems to be the wrong one.

Your work life may even be suffering because even though you are physically present at work, mentally you are not. All your attention and focus is worrying about your child, and your performance at work suffers. People are noticing a change in you and not for the better. They may even be telling you open up and let people know what’ going on, but when you do, you may experience feeling judged pushing you deeper into isolation and confusion.

When you try to Google and go to forums online researching what to do and how to fix it your child, you may be left feeling more confused than ever because one person says this, and another person says that and it all contradicts each other and you’e left just wanting to pull your hair out. It may seem like you haven’t really slept in days or weeks and the exhaustion leaves you sitting in the car crying at stop lights and begging the higher powers that be to just tell you what to do to “fix your child”.

Don’t know what to do? Jen Maneely does.

Jen helps families learn more in a few short months than what you can learn on your own in a lifetime.

Jen helps you focus on:

  • Blind Spots you may have with your own child

  • Setting effective boundaries that get you results

  • Supporting them while setting the right conditions to get the help they need

  • Financially protecting them and you

  • Letting go of assumed obligations

Contact Maneely Consulting to get the help you need.

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