Get the results of Lipo without surgery.

Strawberry Laser Lipo of Asheville believes everyone should feel beautiful.

Strawberry Laser Lipo of AshevilleThey want to help you achieve your body shape goals by eliminating fat from specific areas that are slow to respond to diet and exercise, such as the stomach, “muffin top”, hips and thighs.

Strawberry Laser Lipo‘s low-level, non-invasive technology will naturally and painlessly melt fat away instantly! The Strawberry Laser is an FDA cleared, painless alternative to liposuction with no side effects and no down time.

Your body naturally eliminates the contents of fat cells when you exercise or diet. The Strawberry Laser stimulates this process with a low-level laser that penetrates fat cells just below the surface of the skin at 9mm-13mm deep. Those fat cells then release their contents and shrivel up like raisins for an instant inch-loss result! With each 10-20 minute treatment, unwanted fat is naturally released from the body.

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