Intentional Healing is a Phone Call Away

Intentional Holistic Healing is about honoring our journey through life.

It’s about honoring the good and the bad, and finding safe ways to heal ourselves along the way (without all the side effects). With intention, knowledge, & determination, it is possible to heal from both the physical and mental trauma life imprints upon us through a variety of approaches. These approaches include massage, nutrition, exercise, spiritualism, psychology, meditation, yoga, shamanism, neuroplasticity, herbalism, essential oils/flower essence, acupuncture, reiki, and more.

Intentional Holistic Healing currently offers trauma-informed massage therapy in the safety and comfort of your home. They also offer trauma recovery coaching by phone, zoom or in person.

If you have been losing yourself amongst the chaos of life or your past trials, and are interested in learning how to put your needs first, massage therapy and coaching are an excellent way to cultivate a healthier body and mind. There are countless physiological and emotional benefits. Contact Intentional Holistic Healing today.

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