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XTreme-Painting-Painting-Contractor-in-Kingsport-TN-19Do you need the best residential or commercial paint job you can find in the Tri-Cities and surrounding area? Xtreme Painting has you covered (pun intended)! 


Xtreme owner Rick Keen started the business as a side job, because he was passionate about restoring homes and making homeowners’ dreams become reality. Xtreme Painting took off quickly, becoming well-established in the Tri-Cities. This led to a second location in Sevierville, TN, operated by Rick’s lifelong friend Eddie Burnett. “This makes Xtreme Painting unique,” Rick says. “The two companies frequently come together to tackle large, industrial jobs, and this partnership allows for a wide coverage area that the company can service.”


Xtreme Painting has a simple and straightforward business philosophy. “We are dedicated to setting the highest standard for quality work at an affordable price,” Rick says, “as well as developing and maintaining valuable relationships with customers by making their satisfaction our top priority.”


XTreme-Painting-Painting-Contractor-in-Kingsport-TN-20From small residential projects to large commercial jobs, Xtreme Painting is licensed and insured, and offers a wide range of services. “Any kind of paint project you can think of, we can do,” Rick says. “We offer commercial and residential painting on both interior and exterior surfaces. We can do wall patterns like stripes or zigzags on interior walls for customers with a more creative side. We can paint/stain concrete flooring; we can paint/stain your privacy fences, porches, and decks; we paint cabinets; we stain log cabins.”


Xtreme Painting does much more than just paint. They restore. “We install and refinish hardwood flooring, we install laminate flooring and vinyl plank flooring, we repair drywall damage, and much more,” Rick says. “The only services we can’t provide are electrical, roofing, and plumbing, but due to our decades of experience in home remodeling, we know many reliable companies that we can refer to for these services, if needed.”


Every business has a favorite customer, and Xtreme Painting is no exception. “We love working with customers who openly communicate their vision and dreams for their home. After all, our goal is to make their dreams come true,” Rick says.


XTreme-Painting-Painting-Contractor-in-Kingsport-TN-14What makes Xtreme Painting really stand out in their field? If we were to name one thing, it would be their meticulous attention to details. “The paint job is in the prep work!” Rick exclaims. “We invest as much care and attention to detail in the prep work as we do in the paint job itself.”


Another way Xtreme Painting stands above the rest is their willingness to go “above and beyond” for customer care and satisfaction. “We have left handwritten thank-you notes in customers’ mailboxes,” Rick says. “Also, if a customer has chosen Xtreme Painting for several projects in a row and/or has established a trustworthy and valuable relationship with us, we have a friends and family discount that we offer those irreplaceable customers.”


Xtreme Painting is trustworthy and stands behind their work. “If a customer ever has a concern with the project, as long as they communicate their concerns to us, we will take care of it,” Rick says. “We always use a PPG product called Timeless. It’s a high-quality paint that is long lasting and durable. But really what makes our paint jobs last long is the prep work that goes in beforehand.”


XTreme Painting - Painting Contractor in Tri-Cities TNCommunity involvement is a cornerstone of Xtreme Painting’s philosophy. “We love our community here in the Tri-Cities and try to get involved with it in any way we can,” Rick says. “Networking events, charity events, vendor showcases (like at the Fort Henry Mall this past summer) sponsoring sports events at the local schools. We have also sponsored a JC Cardinals baseball game.” 


Another unique quality about Xtreme Painting is their involvement with the Kingsport Business Club. The KBC is an organization of small business owners who are dedicated to enriching the community by empowering the small business owners in Kingsport, and also by hosting and serving at local charity events.


So, whatever your needs, from home painting and flooring to huge commercial projects, call Xtreme Painting for a free estimate. You have a dream about your project, and Xtreme Painting excels in making dreams come true. We see that as a win-win!


Xtreme Painting

Owner: Rick Keen 



(423) 967-2925




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