Solid habits lead to success

Ryan Prendergast is passionate about helping you develop new habits that will help you be more successful and satisfied!

At one time or another we have all wrestled with habits; either trying to change one that is slowing us down or starting a new one and sticking to it.

In 2016, Ryan started studying the process of habit formation.  A person can want to change a habit, but that does not necessarily make it happen. He became very interested in the practical steps that can make change happen.  In 2017, Ryan started coaching others in the processes of habit formation.  His clients have seen once-difficult practices become a natural and enjoyable part of their work and life.  He’s passionate about helping individuals and teams be more deliberate about how they spend their efforts.  Ryan believes that people have a deep strength to make change.  Deliberate habits are a critical factor for success.

Find out if habit coaching could be a great fit .for you

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