Stay Active!

Tri-Cities Social Sports

Stay Active!

We know that the gyms and parks are still open, but we don’t know if things are going to change. What about staying active with a group of people, or competing again like back in high school and just having more fun while doing it?

Tri-Cities Social Sports

Tri-Cities Social Sports was created to provide recreational sports leagues and social events for adults over 21 (think of it like intramurals for grown ups). It does not matter about your skill level or athletic ability; find a sport you enjoy and take the opportunity to socialize and make new friends that could last a lifetime.

TCSS emphasizes recreational play that doesn’t take the score too seriously.

In addition to the weekly after game parties, they organize exclusive social events and tournaments. It’s a great way to meet new people, or just kick back with some friends and a drink after a great game.

Tri-Cities Social Sports has a variety of Team Sport opportunities for you!



Sand Volleyball

Indoor Volleyball

Flag Football


Bar Olympics

It is good to know that there is a league out there that believes in quality events, competition, fun, and staying fit!

Check out or Facebook for teams forming now!

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