HVAC Too Hot? Too Cold? Just Right! All In One Refrigeration.

HVAC and Refrigeration Services in the Tri-Cities TN region.

For the best in both residential HVAC installation and repair and commercial refrigeration service in the Tri-Cities area, look no further than All In One Refrigeration Services. 

All In One is a one-stop destination for all your HVAC and refrigeration needs, including:


  • Residential HVAC repair, service and installation
  • Commercial HVAC service and repair
  • Light commercial HVAC equipment installation
  • Commercial refrigeration:
    • Walk-in coolers/freezers
    • Prep tables
    • Reach-in coolers/freezers
    • Ice machines
    • Beer kegerators


All In One Refrigeration Services is unique because the owner, Gary Wagner, has deep family roots in the community and knows that his family’s reputation is on the line with every job All In One performs. The company was founded by two lifelong friends that have been tight since they were three and four years old. Together they have a combined 60 years of experience in the HVAC and refrigeration business.


One of the cornerstones of All In One Refrigeration Services is customer care.  “As a small business we try to keep our overhead as low as possible in order to help our customers save money,” Gary says. “We understand they have bills and they should not have to choose between taking care of their HVAC/Refrigeration and putting food on their table.”


Attention to detail is also very important. “I had a customer once that had a system replaced by a friend,” Gary says. “They had nothing but trouble with it and finally called us to look at it. They were convinced they had gotten a bad unit. I started the system and noticed there was not enough airflow. I checked the fan speed but it was on high. I pulled the blower assembly out and found part of the shipping material inside the assembly restricting the airflow! I removed it and everything worked great.”


Kim Vail, All In One’s Marketing Manager, tells a similar story. “A customer had a new unit installed by a different company and it had nothing but issues from the beginning,” Kim says. “The other company was wanting to charge them every time they came out and never found anything wrong. On their final visit they told the customer that they needed a new unit. It was different techs every time, and they didn’t seem to know what the previous tech had done. The customer finally told them to stop coming back, and they would get another company to look at it. They contacted a few other big-name businesses, only to be told that it would be three or four days before anyone could get out to them. We received the call early in the day and we provided same day service. The issue ended up being an easy fix that didn’t cost the customer anything other than the service fee.”


All In One has a simple but effective business philosophy. “We understand how important it is to have a reliable and cost-effective HVAC/R systems service company that keeps your equipment at peak performance and your home or business comfortable. Your comfort is our business,” Kim says. “Our ideal customer is anyone that owns or operates/manages a restaurant or bar and has kitchen equipment that requires refrigerant. On the HVAC side of the company, our ideal customers are residential dwellings with heat pumps, gas/oil heat systems, and mini split systems. Commercial businesses with rooftop units and ground units are ideal customers, as well.”


Kim says that “going the extra mile” for customers is something they do well. “We offer a low after-hours charge compared to the other companies in our area. Our techs will talk to the customer to try to get the best idea of what may be the issue. If we can avoid an unnecessary call for the customer then we will. Often times we need a part that we do not stock and cannot get until the next day, so why charge the customer just to say that we can’t fix it until tomorrow? We hear so often that customers have to pay well over $100 for a 6 pm call just to learn that they can’t fix it. Although we understand the urgency of having a heat pump issue, especially in the winter, there truly isn’t much anyone can do without the proper parts.”


Another cornerstone of All In One is making customers feel special. “Our customers are very important to us,” Kim says. “We like to take an individual approach to each one and know them by name. We frequent their businesses as customers ourselves and appreciate the welcome we receive, so we definitely return the gratitude. As for our residential customers we always remember them after the first time. It’s always nice to be able to ask about their dog or cat, or grandchild, or last travel excursion. We enjoy getting to know our customers and making them feel comfortable with us being in their homes.”


All In One customers enjoy peace of mind. “We offer ONE year of labor protection from the date of service,” Kim says. “If there are any warranties on the parts or equipment, we will handle communication with the appropriate party to ensure the customer receives the best coverage possible.”


Don’t lose your cool in the summer or shiver in the winter. Keep your business coolers working at their best. Call All In One Refrigeration Services for quality and service you can rely on.

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