Who’s watching your Kids in the TriCities?

Parents, are you always looking for a Trustworthy Sitter for your Kids in the TriCities area?

The search for reliable babysitters in Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol and surrounding communities is like slogging through a jungle! Where do you start? How about family friends or neighbors with teenaged daughters? Or do you ask everyone you know if they work with any reliable sitters? You can try searching on the Internet, but that’s a bit scary when the health and safety of your children may be at risk.

Childcare TriCities TNHere’s the Solution: College Nannies, Sitters & Tutors TriCities, TN. Total peace of mind is the heart of the company’s core concept, according to franchise owner Jay Cottrell. “We are a personal service that provides families with safe, reliable, and convenient childcare,” he says. “We take the time to get to know our clients, and we provide them with a high level of service and access to high-quality, safe, and screened role models for their children.”

What are the advantages of working with College Nannies, Sitters & Tutors? There are many. “Of course, our sitters love children,” Jay says. More importantly, every College Sitter is professionally trained and matched to your child’s unique abilities, interests and style. Can you say that about the kid down the street? Or about any website or app out there? We’re all about trustworthy childcare. All sitters employed by us are carefully screened and receive ongoing professional training and guidance.”

Another great advantage is quick and easy scheduling. “Book your favorite sitters with ease, anytime,” Jay says. With our MySitters® app you can confirm in as little as 20 minutes. We operate locally, know your neighborhood, and most importantly, we get to know your family personally.”

Jay’s own experiences trying to raise a child and working full time led him to the College Sitters business. “I’ve always sought ways/jobs/companies that help people,” Jay said. “After leaving a company in the healthcare sector, I decided to pursue real estate as my next chapter in truly helping people. A couple years in my wife and I welcomed our son Ayden. When she went back to work we struggled to find childcare and were on numerous waiting lists for daycare centers. Since I had the job with “flexible hours” it fell upon me to take care of our son most of the time. Trying to be a full-time dad and work a full-time job was not the easiest to accomplish and maintain a successful career in real estate.”

Business and investment conversations with his father led Jay to his next step. “I found what would have been the answer to my childcare issues and knew that it would be for others as well,” he says. “I saw a company with strong values and a great system for providing families with relief and help when they need it most. I decided to purchase a franchise and move from real estate to helping Build Stronger Families® with College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors.”

Generally, families with higher income are ideal customers for College Nannies, Sitters & Tutors. “A great fit is a busy and active family that needs help according to their schedule, and not on the sitter’s schedule,” Jay says. “Typically, customers that use our services frequently are generally higher income ($200,000+) families. On the other hand, all families can benefit from (and typically afford) an occasional date night.”

What if you don’t want college students as sitters or nannies? “No problem!” Jay says. “Despite what our name suggests, we do not only hire college students. We hire college students or older. In fact, we are currently hiring active seniors. For example, in TriCities we have Anna, who is an excellent and qualified sitter, and not just because of the three kids and grandkids she has raised! Anna has experience working in daycare, as well as other babysitting and nanny experience. She interacts with kids on a personal level and is constantly thinking about their growth, learning, and development. Anna is an excellent sitter and will make a great caregiver to your kids!”

Jay laughs about the time a customer called him “in anger” about his service. “This is in jest because they then proceeded to tell me that their children had such a great time with one of our sitters that when they arrived back home, their children actually told them to leave again. They wanted to keep having fun with the sitter.”

There is a big difference between using the kid down the street to babysit, and contracting with College Sitters. One of those differences is price. “Most people are accustomed to paying a middle school or high school kid or family member to babysit,” Jay says. “Depending on how they’ve taken care of childcare previously, there can be a bit of a sticker shock when they hear the pricing for a professional service like ours. Yet for some families we are actually a cheaper option. However, your family’s safety and well-being are our top priority. No company is more committed to making sure that your family is well cared for and that every College Sitter is safe, reliable and professional.”

Sitters, nannies, and tutors are available in the TriCities, TN area. Get out of the babysitting jungle and discover the simplicity and reliability of working with College Nannies, Sitters & Tutors TriCities.

College Nannies, Sitters & Tutors TriCities TN


Summit Leadership

3104 Hanover Road

Johnson City, TN 37604

Near Sam’s Club in Johnson City.  Across the street from Wallabies.

Phone: (423) 900-2092

Email: tricitiestn@collegenannies.com

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