Embracing Change and Being Grateful for The Opportunities

Embracing the changes that come with relocating from New York to Asheville.

After living on Long Island most of my life and working regularly for numerous clients in Manhattan, the ‘friendlier’ pace of North Carolina has been a welcome change. Approaching 2 years in the Asheville area, there are aspects of doing business that do feel like starting over which understandably comes with rebranding and diving into a very different market. In NY, being a highly regarded Emmy award winning independent producer, working for notable clients locally and around the globe on various corporate, commercial, sports and broadcast television projects, there was no need for networking to acquire new business since the phone very steadily received requests for work.  In the Asheville area, things move at a noticeably slower pace than I am used to and educating individual entrepreneurs as well as well established companies can sometimes be a challenging process. For new clients who have taken the leap and invested in themselves and their companies by working with my company, Pro Video Productions to produced  professional video(s), the gains and growth received is a testament unto itself.
What I have quickly learned is that going to local networking meetings is a great way to not only get the pulse of doing business in the area, it is a fantastic forum to make genuine connections and establish relationships with other local entrepreneurs and business folks like myself. Making new friends, being part of a great community and offering my expertise in media to help grow local businesses feels wonderful.  I have found tremendous value in joining the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce; connecting and presenting at the Kaufman Foundation’s, 1 Million Cups; and attending regularly at meetings with Incredible Business Network group (IBN).
Not long ago at an IBN meeting, I met another member of the group who spoke passionately about, Under One Sky, a not for profit organization which provides services for children who are in the foster care system. Their programs promote emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual growth and help youth to establish permanent connections to a  community of supportive adults and peers. I learned about the organization’s need for mentors which was something I was interested in devoting my time to. After being vetted, I was asked to consider mentoring a 10 year old boy with special needs who was awaiting the opportunity to be matched with a suitable adult mentor. I am happy to report that we recently had our first meeting and it is my honor now to be of service to a young man who loves to smile, laugh and play outdoors!
The beautiful part for me about connecting with new people at business/ networking meetings is that it is often much more than simply business. I get to be my authentic self and do what I love to do which is being creative, social and in service to others, a win-win for all in my book : )
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